Crowdsourcing Invents Games With Donut Whales And Robot Pickles

The Game Developers Conference sees a lot of creativity and interesting ideas pass through the halls of the convention centre it's hosted at. Production company iam8bit put together their own creative project that spawned some abstract and quirky game ideas.

Using oversized fridge magnets — you know, the ones with words that you put together to make nonsensical sentences with — iam8bit looked to passersby to crowdsource some zany game titles and genres.

Character, concept, and other game designers and artists on hand took the frankly weird submissions and transformed them into visual representations that can be seen in the video above. Games featuring the likes of furry LEGO rabi and meat astronauts were given game splashes and concept art.

I would play the hell out of A Toast With Robot Pickles or Super doughnut Whales. Seriously, who wouldn't?


    Holy cow! I found myself in the background for a couple of seconds in this video. I remember checking this thing out when I was there. Some rather strange things went up on that wall. Can't remember any of them off the top of my head though. I remember that someone put this in the corner at one point:

    Maybe Im just not 1337 enough, but I dont get the appeal of these weird for the sake of weird indy concepts. Most indy games are pure shit. Im sure there are plenty of elitists around to call me CODfag or whatever else, but its how I feel. To me these types of games are no better than Farmville or Angry Birds.

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