'Dawnguard' Trademark Filed, May Point To Skyrim Expansion

No plans for a downloadable expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been announced yet, but a trademark filing spied at the end of February is believed to tip off its name or part of it anyway: Dawnguard.

ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Games, filed the trademark; "downloadable software" is listed in the categories of products it covers.

VG247 notes that, in the city of Dawnstar, Skyrim features a quest called "Pieces of the Past" that concerns a museum dedicated to The Order of the Mythic Dawn. Dawnguard may refer to that. Others have speculated it could be a trademark for another mobile title.

Bethesda Files Dawnguard Trademark [VG247]


    It must be a new area in Dragon Age 2.

    If it is Skyrim DLC, will it fix the overwhelming issue of becoming an unstoppable god killer by level 25 cos personally I'd like to play it on hard and actually be challenged after the first 2 or so hours.

      Probably you abused the crafting+smithing technique and made some godlike equip? If not, turn the difficulty to highest and use magic/weapon that you character doesnt use. I played my stealth dagger build all the way and I cant kill nuts using magic =D. And its fun as hell.

        Nope, didn't make my daedric armour til I was about level 70. I just used sneak + bow like I do in any game that gives me that option of gameplay, unfortunately, Bethesda in their glorious lack of wisdom didn't realise that this would be an issue for their pathetic AI. So I tried run and gun with 2x 1h weapons, same issue; everything was still too weak. This was on hard btw. But it's no surprise since the best thing to come from Bethesda was New Vegas which took a different company to develop.

    "Others have speculated it could be a trademark for another mobile title."

    I know 'mobile' refers mostly to iphones and ipads and whatnot nowadays, but I can't help dreaming about a cleaned up/patched up Daggerfall or even Arena with a new coat of paint being playable on my 3DS. I hate how excited for imaginary things my brain makes me sometimes.

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