Dead Rising Creator Working On A 'Totally New' Game. It's For PS Vita.

Keiji Inafune, best known for Mega Man and Dead Rising, is working on a "totally new game" for the PlayStation Vita.

In a recorded message from a gentleman's study, Inafune, wearing a brown leather jacket, stated that the title is very much "Inafune-style", adding, "We're making a really amazing game."

Inafune said he couldn't reveal more about the game, so expect more at a later date.

新発表「PS Vita×稲船敬二」 [YouTube]


    Every single time I see something about Inafune here it's always "Dear Rising creator...".
    Why Dead Rising? Why not any of the many other things he's responsible for?

    New game? Aweso.........Its on the Vita? Oh.........

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