Delightfully Convoluted Overview Of Minecraft 1.2's Finer Points

Who needs a bullet list of features when you can go on a glorious Rube Goldberg-esque journey through the wonders of Minecraft 1.2?

Generikb the Minecraft Hermit painstakingly crafted this incredible Minecraft machine to demonstrate how cats scare Creepers, zombies break down doors, and the sky (which is the limit) is now a little less limited. So much creativity and ingenuity we can forgive him for picking absolutely horrible music.

Minecraft 1.2 Features Overviews - Rube Goldberg Machine Style!!! [YouTube via Notch]


    Another unbiased article.. oh wait its kotaku.

    Keep your opinion of the music to your self, its far less annoying then reading some of the poorly written 3 line trash articles you guys write around here.

      Since when did journalists have to remain 100% objective?

    I'll take catchy breakbeats over generic wub wub step any day.

    As for the video, it was pure poetry in motion, except for the zombie who took forever to gum down the door. Zombies make the most terrible actors.

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