Devil May Cry's Boss Opts For A More Demure Approach

No, this story isn't going where you think it's going. It's actually going somewhere sensible, somewhere more video game developers - and artists in particular - should go.

"I've nothing against big tits - I'd rather have my head resting on a pair right now - but if you're going to try and stimulate someone on different levels, there's better ways to do it", Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades told PSM3.

"If you look at the stars in movies, the women people find really attractive are often not the ones with the biggest tits. You've got to be attractive on a different level."

"We did that in Enslaved with Trip. People loved her, not because she had big breasts and high heels, but because she felt like someone who could be your girlfriend. That to me is more attractive than a prostitute walking around with a big gun. Not to demean prostitutes - it's a valid form of commerce."

It's something I'm constantly disappointed with when putting together my Fine Art features. Seeing so many talented artists designing female characters with proportions and outfits that even comic characters would blush at does nobody any good whatsoever.

Devil, angel, pioneer: The truth behind Devil May Cry's unlikely saviour [CVG]


    The most offensive thing about this article is calling Tameem "Devil May Cry's boss".

    "I’d rather have my head resting on a pair right now"
    Wiser words have never been spoken.

      Quote of the day for me.

        Yeah, I need to start slipping that one in to conversation more often.

        . o O (Slipping that one in more often? That's what she said! HEY-OHHHH)

    DmC will have a Trish that starts with small boobs, but they get progressivly larger as the game goes along.

    If you want to talk about improving objectification etc in video games, even in a small way, maybe don't use "tits", even if the interviewer started it.

      1. What's wrong with "tits"?
      2. When he throws out comments like "Not to demean prostitutes – it’s a valid form of commerce", he's clearly not taking the conversation as a serious discussion on the moral highs and lows of objectification in modern media. I took his manner as extremely casual, but also reasonably honest.
      3. What's wrong with "tits"?

    More feminist crap. All female characters should be grey blobs & the males all gay.
    This generation is completely pozzed.

      I don't think so, it's just typical Luke Plunkett. I swear, whenever he opens his mouth on this subject, tampons come out.

      What we need is just more diversity in games, not this sort of nonsense commentary. I doubt Mr. Plunkett would be running down the street chastising women with large breasts to go get reductions. Boobs are not evil. Hell, pandering to a demographic with boobs is not evil.

    I'm not really very focused on things like breast size as an "important feature," but he really ought to consider that DMC isn't originally his franchise, nor has its fanbase actually been won over yet.

    I understand wanting to maybe bring a things to DMC, mix it up a bit, changes here and there, but why completely fuck up the DMC mythos and character of Dante? Why piss in the eye of fans? It is possible to keep the fans happy by sticking to what made the character so fun to begin with AND try improving the game by adding new stuff (obviously Ninja Gaiden 3 is a good example of how NOT to do that).

    Also notice in the framerate question, he dodges saying the game will be 60fps (a much demanded feature for a DMC game) instead he says that people where disappointed by the fact that Heavenly Sword wasn't consistently 30fps (people were upset that it was 30 and not 60) and that DmC will be definitely be consistent. 30 fps DMC? Fuck off

      Capcom haven't respected their fans for years. Why start now?

        I dunno about that. They can be benevolent when they want to be. It seems they choose not to be more often

          They can? You don't mean like.. a decade ago? Recently they actually seem to want to dump on the chests of their customers.

            MM9 was a real gift to their fans, but aye. Recently, especially when it comes to Street Fighter brand they can be money grubbing arseholes

    I'm a dude, and I like a nice pair of chest-puppies as much as the next guy, but I'm kind of over how just about every single female character in video games has to be big-titted and sexualised. All of the females in Mass Effect 3, except Tali, had a breast enchancement since the last game. It's got to the point where it's kind of pathetic. And not just because it objectifies women, but it kind of insults my intelligence too, it's as if game designers are saying "here you go, you're welcome, you're a guy so this is all you think about anyway. Enjoy!" I stopped obsessing over tits when I was about 18. More substance and less tits thanks! Oh, and less shooters. Cheers.

      I whole heartedly endorse everything you just said.

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