Diablo III Is Coming On May 15

Diablo III Is Coming On May 15

Highly-anticipated hack-and-slash game Diablo III will be out for PC and Mac on May 15, developer Blizzard said today in a press release.

You can pre-order the game on Blizzard’s website right now.

The third game in the Diablo series, Diablo III will be available both in retail stores and digitally via Blizzard’s website for $US60. A retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition, packaged with the full game, a behind-the-scenes Blu-ray/DVD set, a soundtrack CD, an art book and full copies of Diablo II and its expansion pack, will also be available for $US100.

Until May 1, you can earn yourself a free copy of Diablo III by committing to Blizzard massively multiplayer game World of Warcraft for a year. If you sign up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, you’ll be able to download a full copy of Diablo III from Blizzard as soon as it’s available.

Blizzard did not mention when the Diablo III beta, which launched last September, will close its doors.


  • Can anyone confirm the Aussie price of the digital download? My account says US59.99 but that account is set to US as a location for some reason and I don’t know if it will actually let me order it for that.

    • I ordered SC2 straight from battlenet. Charged me the US$ 59 as advertised, I don’t see why Diablo III would be any different if your account is set to US

    • $79.95 AUD

      seems a bit ridiculous that there is even a difference for digitally aquiring it. Our dollar is worth more than theirs too!

      • It’s to protect retailers – imagine what EB games would say if they found that the product they were selling for $79.95 was available for ~$20 less online…

  • I will believe it when I have the game installed, running and past where the beta ends. Until then I’m approaching everything Blizzard with apprehension.

    • Liam Blizzard has delayed the announcement of a game release date plenty of times. They have never delayed the actual release.

  • I got a CE on preorder from Amazon US coming. Bought it when the AU was $1.10 to US along with the Book of Cain. $135 for both shipped.

  • My Body is ready. For anyone wondering, if you are getting the CE, but want to be able to pre-download, the link to the client download are being posted on the official forums. Should save some time come release.

    I am probably going to stop playing the Beta now, you can only do the same stuff over and over so many times. I want it to be a bit ‘fresh’ when i play it again.

    • So, in the spirit of things, i decided to look for my Collectors Edition preorder receipt from JB Hi-Fi, i can’t find it anywhere! I would not be worried, but people who have worked at JB told me their back end system is terrible. Now i am worried.

  • Wasn’t impressed with the Beta. Might not even buy. Will likely be Blizzard’s first ‘fail’ in sometime.

  • wtf is with the digital download being 79.95 AUDs ??? 60USD…. should be less than 60AUD
    79.95 is way too expensive for D3 I’m prepared to pay 60 maybe 65-70 to get the game exactly on the launch date.

    • I think the game will easily be “worth” the $100 we’ll be charged at retail here (with lots of shops selling it on sale for $80), or the $80 digital price.

      But what gets me is that other people are paying less.

      Then again, if you look at it as the number of hours you would need to work at the minimum wage to get it for, it is much cheaper in Australia than the US even with our region tax.

  • What I want to know is do we get to play it on May 15 or do we have to wait until the servers open on May 15 in the US (basically May 16 for us)?

  • I believe ozgameshop is selling D3 for $53. When shipped it’d arrive on or the day before release

    • Ozgameshop games usually take a couple of weeks to arrive. Their prices are very good though, so I am happy to wait. I doubt you will get it release day though, unless it is a special thing they are doing with Diablo, you might want to make sure.

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