Do You Want To Master The Video Games?

All of them? All of the video games? Then buy this book. It'll tell you how!

Before you go and look it up, yes, this was a real thing.

[via Lux13]


    I would say after reading that book I will know how to master the 30 most popular video games but I doubt I'd be able to master all video games.

    While I like retro technology relics like this and glimpses of what the "future" holds, a screenshot and a couple ofsentences don't make an article unless they invite reader participation.

    i hate you luke

      Hate's a strong word.

      Maybe, Luke... I'm dissapointed by your efforts here. I don't feel you're giving it your best effort.
      You've let your readers down, you've let your employers down, you've let your educators down... but worst of all, you've let your self down.

    8 posts! Is that a new record?

    wft?! Luke, you're shit.
    I think the au kotaku editors love trolling us with this crap.

      Don't worry I'm going to put my resume into kotaku au. It should not take long for me to be promoted from annoying carpark loiterer to what ever the hell it is that Luke is doing.

    oh god wtf :L!
    thats just sad seriously who would make a book about this we all dont wanna be a master at everything ):

    Sure someone who works at Kotaku is simply playing a prank on Luke, or it may be he's playing a prank on us all by posting it himself.

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