Don’t Compare This Guy’s Game To Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is great. And if somebody compared your game to Zelda, then you’d be pretty happy, no? No?

While he is a Zelda fan, Darksiders II Creative Director Joe Madureira apparently doesn’t want his game, with its dungeon-based gameplay, compared to Zelda. That’s understandable, I guess — he wants Darksiders to have its own identity.

Though, if everyone comes up to you and says your romantic interest looks like a supermodel, you should be happy!

“I’ll be curious to see who we’re compared to this time, but the only game we want to be compared to is the original Darksiders,” Madureira told Official Nintendo Magazine. “We want people to say it’s like the first one but 10 times bigger and better.”

Don’t compare Darksiders 2 to Zelda – Creative Director [ONM]

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