DoomRL Is The Free Doom RPG You Need To Play

DoomRL, the demonic offspring of Doom, the first-person shooter and Rogue the, erm, roguelike, recently received an update. By far the most noticeable change is a shift from ASCII to 2D sprites. Did I say "most noticeable"? I meant "most incredibly awesome thing ever that vapourised my socks and detached my eyebrows from my face through its sheer hair-removing excitement powers".

The game's been around for many years, with the earliest updates on the official site dating back to 2007. But with version, pushed out just days ago, you can now experience its role-playing delights in proper graphics.

I must say, they look terrific.

The work of Kornel Kisielewicz and Derek Yu (who you may have heard of), DoomRL is more than just a day's distraction. With 25 "mostly" randomised dungeons to explore, a text-based gore system(!?), classes and a crafting system, you could say it's Doom for serious role-players. The official Doom RPGs aren't bad but man, this absolutely beats the pants off them.

Best of all, it's completely free.

DoomRL: Doom, The RogueLike [Official site]


    After someone mentioned it a few days ago Ive been playing the Classic Doom mod for Doom 3. You know, the classic Doom 1 maps and game play done in Doom 3. Has been great fun!

    While Im on a Doom fix Ill give this a go. I mean, Ive got a few days left until ME3.

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