Draw Something & Kate Winslet's Chest Won An Academy Award In 1998, You Know

In this little-known, deleted sequence from James Cameron's boat-sinking classic, Leonardo DiCaprio tries out a large, prototype version of iPhone hit Draw Something.

"Draw Something like one of your French women", she's purring.

Titanic Draw Something [College Humor]


    I wish luke was on the titanic. I bet if I painted him naked he'd come up a little short.

    Just waiting on Luke's jilted lover "Name" to come in and say how much he hates him. Their bromance must have ended badly.

    I don't always browse College Humour when I'm 30 years old, but when I do I repost it on a gaming news website and get paid for it.

    Holy cow, shut the hell up. These comments are just getting dumb. It's gone from, like, genuine complaints to people just trying to be witty with some crappy regurgitated joke . For the record this picture made me laugh and I wouldn't have seen it otherwise, so good stuff.

      Having extra chromosomes would make anything seem funny.

        Blunt... but effective.

        Well played, Sir.

      Complaining about people complaining, congratulations, you're doing the same thing the people who complain about Luke do, why is your complaint somehow more valid?
      Well, here's a thought, you don't have to read the comments :O (or at least get so personally offended that people have a different opinion on the quality of journalism)
      The more you know!

        Complaining about complaining about complaining. WE NEED TO GO DEEPER!

    You know what, Luke?
    You're alright.

    I.... I can kinda see where the trolls are coming from...



      It's okay, name will be here soon.

        Maybe he's sick today?

        I mean... you know... more so than usual...

    i hate you luke

      You go girl!

    I do prefer Name's writing to Luke's

    So... not sure if trolling?

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