Dude, Why Is Link's Horse Called Ian?

Remember back to 2010, dear readers, and you may remember a cute little comic about Link and Epona by British writer and artist Louis Roskosch.

Well, the book that comic was due to appear in is now finished, and it looks just lovely. It's not all about Zelda, but there's a lot of video game stuff in there. At 50 pages, and with colours so rich they're making me hungry just looking at the pages, you can grab The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo at the link below.

The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo [Nobrow]


    i hate you luke

      Leave him alone! Why do you hate him so?

        Don't think he ACTUALLY hates Luke. Think it's becoming sort of a Kotaku meme to just hate on Luke, see that exact comment on nearly all of Luke's articles.

          But Luke hates it! He should stop picking on him

            How do you know Luke hates it?

              And why are you defending a grown man by whining?

    If I ever chanced upon a free horse, I would probably call it Ian, for irony purposes

      Why is calling a horse Ian ironic for you?

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