EA Is A 'Worst Company In America' Semi-Finalist!

Consumerist's always-entertaining "Worst Company in America" showdown is on right now, and a video game company is making a rare appearance alongside the likes of Bank of America and AT&T.

That company is Electronic Arts, which while being a rookie in the comp has stormed into the semi-finals, blowing past more fancied opponents like Comcast, Best Buy and Sony.

If it can overcome AT&T in the sudden-death semi, it'll meet either Walmart or Bank of America for a shot at glory.

Let's All Do A Slow Clap For Your Worst Company In America 2012 Semifinalists! [The Consumerist]


    i fucking hate you luke

    ^^^ Damn is that a bit of internal office hate playing itself out on the net?

    Yeah...Not Monsanto, not Blackwater, not Halliburton, or the countless investment banks and other genuinely horrible companies out there. No, apparently EA is one of the 2 'worst companies' with Walmart because it's the internet and people love bitching about trivialities.

    Uhhh as bad as EA is, I don't think it can beat the likes of any of the Banks in America or Walmart or hell even Comcast. Yet somehow its there. Don't think people know just how bad these other companies are.

    Could you put Apple in there for it's association with foxconn and all the other things like it's resource wasting, overcharging technology creep or that time when they decided to can all of their charitable donations when they where in financial trouble in the 90s and then never reinstituted any of it despite now having like 90 BILLION bucks in the bank?

    It's called perspective. There are only two companies in this competition that I have any dealings with, E.A and Paypal. The only company that I have had any problems with out of those two is E.A....so who would I vote for? Most people vote for peronal experience, they don't care if someone had a bad shopping experience at Wallmart, they care that they had bad customer service from AT&T last month.

    Right now, all the hate from Mass Effect fans are whats driving E.A to earn some poo.

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