EA Sports Opens A Bar In Vegas, Baby

No, it doesn't have a sports book. But the EA Sports Bar at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas will feature Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s, six high definition televisions, and an assortment of, duh, EA Sports titles for patrons to play.

It's another real world presence for the sports label, which last September opened a physical store in Charlotte, NNC's Douglas International Airport. In October, Oklahoma started selling EA Sports-branded lottery tickets in October.

EA Sports Bar opens at the Cosmopolitan on March 31. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the lounge is "designed to have an intimate 'living room' feel" and will serve bottled beers and snacks. A retail area offering gift items and games, similar to the airport store's wares, will also be on the site.

It's in the game: EA Sports Bar coming to the Cosmopolitan [Las Vegas Sun]


    When u order a beer you only get half a schooner if you want the rest you have to pay 1500 Microsoft points for it.

      You have to drink fast too before EA decides they want to retire the glass because they have new glasses.

        Un called for guys.

    When you pay for a drink at the bar they list a bunch of 'optional' drinks that you can purchase for a fee. Sure I don't need to buy them all but damn EA for giving me that option, because now I HAVE to buy all of those drinks because EA is selling them.

    When you buy a drink you are given an empty glass, you must then pay extra for the actual beverage as well as an additional payment for ice.

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