Elder Scrolls MMO To Be Unveiled In May?

Tom's Guide is reporting that, based on word from an "industry source", Bethesda will very soon be giving the world its first look at an Elder Scrolls MMO.

Called Elder Scrolls Online, and apparently set "several hundred years before" any previous game in the franchise, Tom's says it will feature three playable factions, each represented by the crest of a lion, dragon and "bird of prey".

The report also says the game will then be shown off more extensively at E3, with a further appearance at Quakecon 2012, where it will take centre stage alongside Doom 4.

As Tom's points out, there are currently several positions available on the corporate site of Zenimax (Bethesda's parent company), all of them advertising for employees with experience with MMO titles at a studio "currently working on an unannounced Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) title from its headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland."

We've contacted Bethesda for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Exclusive: Bethesda to Announce Elder Scrolls MMO in May [Tom's Guide]


    cool a fantasy mmo!!!

      You wanted a RL MMO?

      Press 1 to open fridge.
      Debuff Bad Smell.
      Press 2 to close fridge, THAT SKILL ISN'T READY YET!
      You have passed out from Bad Smell debuff.

    I really don't want to pay monthly fees to play an elder scrolls game considering how many hours I put into the single player campaign.

    yeah right. Bethseada cant even released a balanced and non broken single player game, how the fuck could they even hope to make a multiplayer game let alone an MMO. Say what you want able the balance in WoW/AoC/War/SWTOR/DCUO/Rift/Etc but they are all at least balanced in general between classes and in both PVE and PVP

      ^Pretty much this

      I can appreciate the work they put into such open worlds and you tend to be a bit more forgiving in regards to the faults/bugs, but these things will be fairly unacceptable in an MMO. Both Blizzard and Bioware had a history of putting out highly polished games before they ever attempted an MMO and I doubt either of theirs are perfect.

      If, however, they are simply building a basic world and letting the modding community build their own MMOs out of them with creation kits, you could probably end up with a couple decent MMOs. I don’t even know if its possible to do, but peoples expectations would definitely be different. I think I have a bit more faith in the modding community than I do in Bethesda.

        SWTOR and WoW's balance is historically so shitty it borders on criminal...hen I quit rift and WAR they were much the same. Not sure what you're smoking with this comment. A more valid complaint would be the same one you can make about Bioware. They can design worlds exceptionally well, but the gameplay in their games is palpably dull.
        Also the idea of bethesda dialogue in an MMO really perturbs me there's such a huge gulf between the good writing they do and the bad writing. The Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim was a joy to play through, ripe with wit and memorable characters...the rebellion...the main quest? Extremely trite.

          I was pointing out that historically those companies produced more polished games than Bethesda, yet they arent perfect. Ininuating how much worse Bethesda would be...

      thyco1 is gay! this game's gonna be awesome!

    Sort of ruins the traveling from place to place...

    Not as fun when there is 50 other people around every corner.

      I think the exact polar opposite of this. It's one of the (many) reasons I've never been a big Elder Scrolls series.I think the addition of real people makes the world feel so much more alive.

        I have also never been a biger Elder Scrolls series.

    I have my doubts about this - I don't think Bethesda is up to the balancing challenge, but regardless I hope it isn't true. More than a few game series have basically ended with an MMO, which leaves me out because I don't like playing online games.

    Depends how its done I guess. If you actually have to be in range of another player to talk to them, it could be cool.

    Same with player made towns, castles and even player run guilds/groups filled with NPC minions.

    Just want something different than the standard MMORPG.

      I'm pretty against the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO, but I gotta agree with you. If they don't go with the average "must ape Everquest/WoW" route and come up with something that's truly unique and doesn't actually kill the feeling of the franchise, I'd be all over that.

      I just don't see that as likely. :-P

    The worst part is if this is successful, they'll never have to put effort into their story-telling again and forget about what their series is supposed to be about (where the hell is Warcraft IV?).

    MMO's are the worst. What's next, "Free-to-play" as well??

      I know this is hard, but give up on WCIV, it's not coming... I went through all the stages of mourning, it will be tough, but you can do it!

        If someone reputable Kickstarted that sequel I would donate at least triple figures.

    I think this is a very bad idea, they will just end up as another corpse outside WoWs cave as Yahtzee put it.

    It's especially with a fantasy MMO, the main reason people gave TOR the time of day was that it was a very different setting.

    I believe the worst thing about a studio putting out an MMO is that it becomes all consuming, if they make an Elder Scrolls MMO the next single player elder scrolls game will probably be over 10 years away at least.

    If they do make an Elder Scrolls mmo I hope they use the same sort of first person combat that's in the single player games rather than falling back on the standard hotkey mashing combat of games like EQ, WoW or TOR.

      Yeah. I hope I'm wrong but that's what I'm thinking. It's going to be less Elder Scrolls Online and more stock standard MMORPG using Elder Scrolls lore. It really annoys me that they do that. The combat system from Knights of the Old Republic could have been turned into a really cool, fresh take on MMORPG combat. Instead they went with this generic thing that's sort of stale from the get go.

    Could also be a Fallout MMO.
    Just putting it out there ...

      That would be an interesting choice of names though, They do seem to have named it Elder Scrolls Online.

      But I would rather a Fallout MMO. But more than that id rather they made single player games.

    BTW, where is the credit for the www.deadendthrills.com screenshot? :P

    I wouldn't sign up for a Bethesda MMO without money back guaranteed SLAs for minimum server uptime and maximum crashes / resets. I don't trust their QC enough to pay an ongoing subscription for them hosting a service.

    What's more buggy than a regular game? An MMO!

    The game is, most likely, a lie. Like the discless NexBox or the Steambox.

    I'm a humongous Elder Scrolls fan.

    I can't see myself giving this a second glance.
    The moment you add some kind of 'regionchat' box to the lower left hand corner of the screen you've ruined the immersion. The current 'mold' of what an mmo has to be isn't something you can just slap on most franchises and have it magically work.

    I'm not sure I want to see an MMO released by Bethesda. What I would like to see again is the alien immersion I felt from playing morrowwind, coupled with a decent multiplayer aspect. Via the net or a system link.

      Up to 4 people for example can explore and create... That's what I think anyway.

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