Epic Games Says New iPad Will Have Higher Resolution Than Xbox 360 And PS3

Developer Epic Games revealed the next game in its mobile Infinity Blade series today at the Apple iPad press conference.

Showing off the game on the new iPad, which will feature an A5X quad-core processor and a high-resolution display, Epic Games President Mike Capps said it will feature a new crafting and dungeon system.

"This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3," Capps said.

Photo: Engadget


    It is not hard to beat 1280x720...

    Sure it can have a higher resolution but i doubt it has the graphical grunt of a Xbox360 or PS3.

    I hope this leads to a resurgence of great 2D games.

      Then again art style is far more important than pixels. I've been playing Metroid Fusion lately and that looks pretty great at 240x160.

      Rayman Origins shows what great 2D can look like in HD, but I fear that development team is unique.

      At least we can get the Schafer project on here. Should look good.

        Rayman had some of the greatest art styles I have ever seen in a game.

        Vanillaware do really good 2D art as well.

    Not hard to beat the 360's amount of RAM either. My Galaxy Nexus has more RAM. BUT, it's not faster ram than the 360's.

    And without a proper controller I don't really care how good your graphics are.
    Swishing your fingers about is fun for a little while, but it's extremely limiting.

    It'll still have the worst control method on the planet. Who gives a shit?

    "On May 19, 2011, SHARP demonstrated a direct-view 85" LCD display capable of 7680 x 4320 pixels"
    nothing to see here... oh i forgot this is apple...

    APPLE everyone!

      Errm, what does an incredibly expensive super-high-end TV screen have to do with any of this?

        cos the iPad is a glorified TV.

      Very nice. How much?

    GabeCube will shit on new iPad! yo yo yo do ya feel me

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