Epic Mickey 2 Rumours Likely To Become Facts This Month

Disney fans have been waiting for news regarding still-rumoured title Epic Mickey 2 since news first slipped around the first of the year.

At that time, a Disney newsletter was sent out — and then immediately edited — that initially leaked information about the still-unannounced game. The newsletter claimed that Epic Mickey 2 would be availlable for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Further rumours indicated a late 2012 release.

Sharp-eyed posters at NeoGAF have just added fuel to the fire of speculation, directing attention to a blurb from French site Nintendo Master. Their post, roughly translated, says:

Like many other sites, we have just received an invitation from Disney France and Warren Spector to introduce us on March 27 to a new "epic project." It's not hard to make the connection between this wording and the name of a certain gentleman's game, Epic Mickey.

Wii exclusive Epic Mickey, released in 2010, was generally considered a mixed but ambitious experience. Perhaps a second pass will bring the Disney icon the truly epic experience players crave.

Warren Spector dévoilera un projet "épique" le 27 mars [Nintendo Mater, via NeoGAF]


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