Even If The Audio Is Faked, Fat Mega Man's Street Fighter X Tekken Ending Is Bizarre

The guy who uploaded this admits the audio is dubbed over, but he says that it's the English sound file from the the on-disc DLC of Street Fighter X Tekken This is the ending for Original Box Art Mega Man, who releases (with Pac-Man) for free on Tuesday, and he name-checks two major publishers, including his own.

We're aware the authenticity of the audio is disputed but the video itself isn't. And it is strange. See and hear for yourself. I guess he finally got the news Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled?

Mega Man's Ending from Street Fighter X Tekken [Tiny Cartridge]


    Did he actually say "nintendo guy" and "CAPCOM!" in the script?

    ...What the hell did I just watch...

    Poor Megaman :(

    A capcom game without some bizareness is just uncapcom-like

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