Fable: Heroes Turns The RPG Series Into A... Brawling Party Game?

Seemingly jumping the gun ahead of next week's Game Developers Conference, a listing on Xbox.com has appeared for a game called Fable Heroes.

Here's the product description:

Fable Heroes is a fresh spin on the beloved Fable franchise in which up to 4 players play both cooperatively and competitively in this hack-and-slash adventure. Work together as heroes of Albion to defeat familiar foes and new enemies while collecting as many gold coins as possible to unlock upgrades, characters, and items in both this game and Fable: The Journey for Kinect for Xbox 360.

So it's New Super Mario Bros. Wii meets Fable? I'd say that's terribly unexpected, but really, given Microsoft's first-party focus since the release of the Kinect that would be kidding myself.

It's being developed by Lionhead, and will be released on Xbox Live Arcade.

Given the sudden nature of the game's appearance, I'd imagine a more formal announcement is expected in the next day or two.

Fable Heroes [Xbox.com]


    Do not want. Nor do I want a Fable 4. Give me a Black and White 3 instead.

    I kind of wish they just ran with a new IP over this one.

      I'm thinking the same - how do they justify linking this one back to Fable? At least with Coin golf it was run by those nerd gamers. But I can't imagine them finding a viable link to ALbion for this one.

    I wonder whether the game will have another massive bug to allow everyone to rack up heaps of gold like with Fable 2. With the Avatar/Mii style characters with a Mario Party looks makes me unsure if this bodes well for "The Journey" ahead...

      All three Fable games (four if you count Fable and Fable: TLC as seperate games) have had some sort of gold glitch. To me it has become a staple of the series.

    Four player coop brawler kinect play?
    If it's local coop someone's gonna get hit. And everyone knows how that ends...

    All this and more, will not be featured in the final product!

    We need less of this ^, and more of this:


    How can it get to this point? After such a strong (albeit flawed) start with Fable, then a natural progression of that with Fable II, how can we now be at Fable f**king Heroes, an xbox arcade children's game to compliment their kinect only "looking a lot like shovelware" gimmick release? Microsoft are turning Lionhead into the new post-N64 Rare.

    Does anyone remember the pre-release website for the first Fable? How exciting and interesting that was?? What happened!!

    This just destroys what little dignity the Fable series has left in it. Lionhead is just a constant disappointment with every new title now...

    When did EA acquire Lionhead?

    The Fable series, to me, is like the Terminator series.

    Terminator 1 was good. T2 was amazing. T3 was effectively T2 released again except terrible.

    This is where it differs: Terminator tried a new direction and I think it worked. Fable did... this.

    What happened to that Kinect Fable game they were doing a while back, also will this game let you play as Milo?

    The screens look kind of sweet IMO

    I like the childish button as an O in Heroes, that is so original and unique and never been done before.

    I'm sure if this game wasn't released under the Fable franchise it would recieve a lot better comments than it has now.

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