Face Importation Will Be Fixed In The Next Mass Effect Patch — Whenever That Arrives

Face Importation Will Be Fixed In The Next Mass Effect Patch — Whenever That Arrives

We can debate whether BioWare’s ending for Mass Effect 3 is good, bad, or breaks promises made in the game’s marketing or whatever. There’s no denying the game’s face importation glitch is a straight-up botch job and a total disappointment to the series’ longest-tenured fans.

This will finally be addressed in the game’s next patch, says BioWare’s Chris Priestly, but still, he can’t say exactly when that will be released, as the patch has to go through multiple layers of certification before it is released.

“Until we know that the patch has passed certification testing, I don’t want to give even a rough idea of the date, to prevent disappointment should it need further testing,” Priestly said in an update on the BioWare forums.

The glitch affected faces of custom Shepards created in Mass Effect and then imported into Mass Effect 2 — in other words, the faces of those probably most attached to their Sheps. BioWare at first suggested players simply try to recreate their faces from scratch in Mass Effect 3 but many found that whatever they ended up with, he or she just didn’t look right.

As the dumb jock around these parts, I sympathise greatly. Nothing sucks worse in a sports title, for example, than getting very far into a season mode when a patch releases that effectively requires a reset. It boggles my mind that there could be diehard fans out there waiting for this to be fixed before they begin ME3, but I am sure that there are. And for those who went ahead anyway without their custom Shep, or with a jury-rigged approximation of their custom Shep, you have my sympathies. It does break the immersion you’d worked hard to build.

Issue importing faces into Mass Effect 3 Updated March 21 [BioWare Forums]


  • Hope they also fix the Hanar Diplomat quest, that glitched for me (couldn’t ‘use’ the computer terminals) so didn’t get to talk to the old character associated with it 🙁

    • It’s not glitched just confusing and poorly explained. You have to go to the Docking Bay Holding Area after the first terminal located in Embassies.

  • Hope they fix the damn game i cant get past the part were you shoot Eva the robot. Soon as it hits the cutscene it crashes %100 tried 5 times already

  • I’m glad to hear about this. kinda regret not gettin a face code before i started ME2, but hopefully this patch is released before i start ME3 (im late to the series-still need to finish ME2)

  • I have no idea how they shipped this. It’s such a major bug that alienates the series most invested fans. It’s disgusting.

  • Too late Bioware. Sure as hell wasn’t going to wait, and with the current ending sure as hell not replaying!
    After the bar ME2 set, the bar is definitely lower for the finale.

  • Mine imported fine, but I think I might have made some slight alterations to him when I imported it into ME2 so it got saved as a ‘ME2 face’

    Whether my femshep makes it through unscathed remains to be seen, I haven’t finished my male playthrough yet.

  • i think i did quite well recreating my shep but your right, its not quite the same. really wished i had altered mine just a little in ME2 then i wouldn’t have this problem.

    oh well

  • It really sucked that it didn’t work. I couldn’t get my shep quite right. it was the eyes and cheek bones mostly. even after playing through the game i still felt like it wasn’t my shep.

  • And this is why I’m grateful I’m playing Tales of Graces F. That alone will hold me over till the ME3 import patch drops and I can resume the war with the “Reapers”

  • I had to re-create mine from scratch. Silly me for thinking a character could stay yours the entirety of the trilogy. Damn chubbier Shep.

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