Facebook Voters Will Determine If EA Is The Worst Company In America

Game publisher Electronic Arts is now officially one of the eight worst companies in the United States. Well, maybe not officially. They're one of the worst according to consumer affairs blog The Consumerist, which is running a March Madness-style bracket to determine the most heinous companies on the planet.

Though The Consumerist isn't defining exactly what makes these companies so terrible, it does promise to award the winner with "the Golden Poo", which is hopefully not an actual thing.

EA joins such disgusting organisations as Facebook, AT&T, Ticketmaster and Comcast. Sadly, GameSpot did not make the cut — like so many other retailers, it was shut down by Walmart.

EA has already taken out Sony and Best Buy. Can it beat Comcast for a spot in the Final Four? We'll have to wait til Thursday to find out!

(We reached out to EA for comment on their terribleness, but as of press time, they haven't responded.)

The 8 Remaining Worst Company In America Contenders Sure Are An Elite Bunch![The Consumerist via Joystiq]


    So they have EA but no Activision? That's a bit suss

      EA is worse than Activision.
      Activision just remakes the same games, EA kills beloved franchises.

        That's 90's EA.
        Apart from Origin and a lot of Day 1 DLC EA aren't too bad in my eyes, they've pushed out a lot of new I.P's this gen.

        Activision on the other hand, not only do they milk franchises to death and then kill them off as soon as they are not profitable any more, but they are utterly unapologetic about it.

        Ummmm... so do Activision. Ever heard of Total Annihilation? They bought it and then never used it. The original makers Cavedog (Now Gass Powered Games) had to make a spiritual successor in the form of Supreme Commander.

        I hate Activision, I really do.

        Really? EA was the one who picked up Brutal Legend after Activision cut it off... then proceeded to sue EA.

    We should have an Australian version. My vote goes to Vodafail,

      Hardly Normal.

        Dodo. Telstra. Qantas.

          (3G coverage my ass)

            DAMN STRAIGHT!

              Telstra for Australia's worst company hands down

                definitely telstra,

            I got a better signal halfway to Mildura in the middle of the fucking desert than I do in my own living room from which I can see Adelaide's CBD.

              Hahahaha. Same. I drove from Adelaide to Melbourne in jan. I had better coverage in the middle of no-where than I do in my house in the suburbs. The whole drive was full 3G once I got past the tunnels. Lol. Fkn sloptus!

    Glad to see EA high up on this list. I got no sympathy for them.

    "it does promise to award the winner with “the Golden Poo”, which is hopefully not an actual thing."

    Why not? I would love it if i heard news of people taking shits on EA's HQ's doorsteps.

    Needs moar Activision, and a tie between them and EA in the final.

    What about Ubi-soft?Always on DRM,endless Assaissins creeds and ravin fuckin rabbits..Nuff said.

    "Though The Consumerist isn’t defining exactly what makes these companies so terrible, it does promise to award the winner with “the Golden Poo”, which is hopefully not an actual thing"

    You obviously haven't seen "The Gruen Transfer" on the ABC. They give one out as their prize for worst addvertisement.

    Gamestop or GameSpot? I'm confused.

      Gamestop is what EB Games is called in the US.

        Yes, he's pointing out the fact that yet again Kotaku has made a fail in one of their articles due to no proofreading.

    EA gets a bad rap sometimes. Sure they cash cow everything, ruin the reputation of some great franchises at times, implement Online Passes and day-one DLC, etc. But they are also responsible for publishing some great and original titles. The original Rock Band, Mirrors Edge, Brutal Legend, to name a few. They also keep folks happy with Battlefield and Fifa titles.

    As much as a behemoth that EA is, there are far more sinister game companies out there. The ones that come to mind specifically are 3D Realms for leeching money from publishers for over a decade whilst having nothing to show for it; Beeline Interactive, creators of Smurf Village; and Mojang, for sitting on a beta product for over a year, charging people to play it, and then charging people again to play a finished product not much different from said beta.

    Article correction:
    GameSTOP not Gamespot which is the Cnet website.

    EA were doing ok for a while, back when they started new IP's, Mirrors edge, Dead Space etc. Then they reverted back to old EA.

    They've got some pretty fierce competition there with the likes of PayPal, Ticketmaster, Comcast, AT&T all in the running as well. I certainly wouldn't know who to vote for. As an Aussie I don't really care much for Comcast and AT&T, but I can hate EA and PayPal just as much as those yanks, and Ticketmaster is pretty much the same here in Aus as it is in Yankie land, but likely different entities (unlike PayPal and EA which directly fuck us Aussies over).

    EA kind of deserves their bad rap.

    I still recall them saying Origin was in no way in competition to steam, but a few weeks later they pulled alot of their titles off steam and are origin only..

    Sure, I have no love for EA or Walmart but THESE are seriously the most 'evil' companies out there? What the hell. What about Halliburton, BP or Monsanto? Or Blackwater (does it have to be publicly traded?). Seriously, the world has no shortage of truly fucking evil companies out there without people thinking EA is the antichrist because #firstworldproblems.

    Activision milks everything it can get it's hands on, but EA was doing this long before activision was.

    Series ruined by EA so far:
    Command and Conquer
    and a few others

    plus Origin and Battlelog are both steaming piles of shit, literally nobody likes them, but they want to contend with steam (which they will fail, btw, since steam has too much going for it) and are doing nothing but hurting their customer base.

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