Fans Are Still Helping This Racing Game Look Amazing

Fans Are Still Helping This Racing Game Look Amazing

Project CARS is a fascinating…project. It’s a racing game that, while helmed by professionals (the team behind Shift 2), is also being worked on by large teams of fans.

Reader FLX1981, for example, went and filmed a track he and a friend wanted in the game. After making the suggestion and handing off the data, it’s actually going to be in the final product.

The last time we saw it, with development at around the 15-20% mark, the game was looking good, if a little creepy since it had no drivers.

That’s now been fixed, along with a range of other improvements, which you can see in the clip above.



  • The team behind Shift 2 were hardly professionals. The game ran like absolute crap on the same hardware that could run Racedriver: Grid like a dream.

  • I’ve had Project C.A.R.S. for a while, granted I haven’t played in about two months… but something about the car physics just don’t feel right.

    To me it feels like it’s all based off SHIFT 2, which was horrendous with a wheel.
    It even has the same spastic/broken menu buttons as the SHIFT 2 PC version (up arrow icon to save settings that doesn’t actually do anything when you press your up arrow?! Wut?!)

    Its menu design is HORRIBLE as well, whoever came up with that should be shot.
    I’ll leave it to the pros to ‘shape’ the game, I just hope they get it right.

    I don’t have much faith in SlightlyMad though.

  • just signed up to the 25euro pack. i have faith in this game.. its a good way to go about a project, allowing others to voice their opinions and help make the final release as polished as ever.

    There is always small minor things about games that you swear a little email to the developers could have had it fixed instead goes unoticed. this way if there is anything about the final release i dont like then i can at least say i tried to get fixed etc etc

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