Far Cry 3's Drug-Crazed Pharmacist Will Make Sure You Do Lots Of Drugs

We already know that there's going to be guns and violence and binge-drinking in Far Cry 3. In this new trailer for Ubisoft's open-island shooter, you meet Dr Earnhardt, who'll be supplying you with a variety of nature's finest mood enhancers. Appropriately creepy, no?


    I guess that means it'll be banned in Australia, then.

      Yup...I think you're right there!

      Depends on if they refer to the drugs as real drugs, or as fancy names like "RAD-X"

        From the look of the trailer all the drugs are going to be created or harvested form shrooms or various plants/animals in the world. Which means it's pretty likely everything will be somewhat fictional or nameless and you won't be taking hits of heroin for a power-boost which is usually what the ACB takes issue with. Also it seems the drugs are used in specific trippy hallucinogenic sequences as opposed to just being something you carry around and use for gameplay. If that's the case it should get through ok. But obviously I could be wrong.

      nah, the only way it can get banned is if the pharmacist awarded you drugs after a mission.
      The Witcher 2 had to be modified because after a you done this side mission, the woman would offer you to have sex with her, so in the censored version, you had to automatically say no without a choice.

      lol fuck that, i will buy buying cd key from a key site if its on steam, importing, or flat out pirating if there is no other alternative on launch (I would buy as soon as possible so I could play multiplayer). The classification board can get fisted.

      Plleeeeeease don't release before we get our R18+ implemented...

    if they don't release till next year we may have a new rating system, and it maybe released

    Hopefully one of those drugs is to restore health, rather than letting it regenerate itself >_<

      I can't decide if developers are getting better at this or worse, but there are certainly some developers who are listening, so maybe - maybe! - they'll at least have a "hard mode" where you need health packs. As long as then game is then balanced for this and doesn't require too much back tracking!

        Yeah, people often forget that before regenerating health, there was back-tracking. Sometimes to the point that you'd backtrack PAST health packs, so you could pick up ones you missed much, much, much earlier, so that you didn't have as far to walk back the next time you needed to backtrack for health.

        Regenerating help assists the OCD of us by simply acknowledging, "Yeah, OK, let's skip that part where you ran back through the level for ten minutes, then another ten minutes back here again."

    If the drugs provide negative side effects it won't be banned, however if they have a positive effect and bear the name of an existing drug on the market consider it to be refused classification

    How did they get that trailer to run at 60 FPS?

    I thought the inclusion of needing to medicate yourself in Farcry 2 was great for the game, it made it unique and spurred a lot of controversy surrounding the game. But doing it again with
    addictions in FC3 is just not innovative. Why cant developers think outside the square, it's not that hard. That being said, I will be buying this game as soon as its available. Far Cry 2 was fantastic.

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