Fez Really Looks Like It's Going To Be Worth The Fuss


    I wish I had a 360 for this.

      Eh, it's no Journey.

    I'm still not interested in playing a game made by a douchebag.

      Looks to me like you're going to be missing out on an awesome game then. Good luck with that.

        Don't worry McGarnical. I think I'll live.

    i could close my eyes and just listen to this game all day.
    The sound design is glorious

    This is so reminiscent of "Cave Story"

    It looks bloody fantastic.

      I would just like to mention that Cave story was made by a Japanese developer and the person who makes Fez thinks Japanese games "they just suck."
      Also, it gives me really bad motion sickness, but to be honest it doesn't look like it's anything special. I don't want to fuel someone's ego when they can't treat an entire culture with respect.

        "modern Japanese games"

        He said that Modern Japanese games suck, not the entire country's games...

    Cools story, now why don't you go find out what took them so long.

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