Final Fantasy Meets Mass Effect In This Amazing DLC Crossover

This is what happens when Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters wear Mass Effect space suits.

The Japanese magazine Famitsu reports that the above pictures are part of a downloadable content pack that will bring armour from BioWare's popular sci-fi role-playing game to Final Fantasy XIII-2 next week.

Presumably there's some awesome in-game explanation for this DLC, like that Serah and Noel killed Shepard and took her clothes. And then they'll call it a paradox.

Update: As some commenters have pointed out, Famitsu also revealed DLC packs for Final Fantasy VI villains Ultros and Typhon, both of whom will be colosseum fights. Beat them and you can add them to your party. Octopus fanfiction optional.

Mass Effect 3 DLC [Famitsu via Andriasang]


    That's completely awesome, but makes me think of Kingdom Hearts III, which will probably never happen :(

      I need Kingdom Hearts 3! Before I grow old and die :(

        I need versus. Before I'm old and die. My first glimpse of it was when I was 23... I'm 30 this year.

          I'm 19 this year. *Le sigh

    does it give it a better ending :) LOL!?

      No because Mass Effect 3 didn't have a good ending, pick your poison.

    What's the point of paying for DLC costumes when it does not enhance game play at all?

      Ask the Tales of Graces f fans. You'll have a better chance in getting an answer.

      Because it's awesome dressing up as other characters?

      Personally I'd prefer it if DLC only came in this form. Silly little cosmetic editions rather than fully created parts of the actual game.

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