Final Fantasy XIII-2's Goofy Octopus DLC Is Straight Outta Final Fantasy VI

This is Ultros. And his buddy, Typhon. Be careful. They'll blow you away.

Ultros and Typhon are part of a new downloadable content pack for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the role-playing game that Square Enix released earlier this year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You might recognise the two goofy villains from Final Fantasy VI, where they look a lot more pixelated. Ultros is a recurring villain in the classic Super Nintendo RPG. Typhon, his quiet pink buddy, blows you and your party off an airship. They're not very nice.

DLC buyers will be able to fight Ultros and Typhon in Final Fantasy XIII-2's coliseum, Square Enix officially announced today. Beat them and they'll join your rowdy gang of monsters.

Square Enix also sent over some new photos of the Mass Effect costume DLC we saw yesterday. And as much as I hate the idea of aesthetic downloadable content, I have to admit it looks pretty damn good.

The publisher did not mention when these DLC packs will be out in the US, but they hit Japan on March 27.


    I think I shall get the Mass Effect 3 DLC when it comes out :L

    Ultros was such a pain in the ass. A really awesome character, good to see him back.

    I think I'm going to wait until a) I finish XIII and b.) They release a version of XII-2 with everything DLC wise bundled together

    Ultros, you freakin' jerk!

    Best addition to a game ever!

    Funny how Square went from never planning on releasing DLC ever to backing up a game nobody wanted with too much DLC.

    Enough. Stop. Just Stop.....

    WTF?! Why is there N7 armor in FFXIII

    I love how Ultros was basically the Team Rocket of FFVI. Sure he started off aq threat but before long he was just a hilarious annoyance. His final appearance with "Mr Typhoon" (Of all names) was brilliant.

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