Finally, Some Real Footage Of Sleeping Dogs

Finally, Some Real Footage Of Sleeping Dogs

Undercover cop and protagonist Wei Shen of Sleeping Dogspreviously known as True Crime: Hong Kong — is on assignment in Hong Kong as an undercover cop. Fronting as a deported man come at long last back to Hong Kong, Wei Shen is on a mission to take down the local triad organisation by the name of Sun Oh Yee.

The last action we saw of Sleeping Dogs was a live-action trailer that, while fun, didn’t exactly convey anything of note about the game itself. Now we get a closer look at the characters and story of this Hong Kong-based crime game.

The new trailer features everything from fire-breathing street performers to shoot-outs to what will undoubtedly become ugly struggles for Wei Shen both within the police world and the triad. The game is slated to release in the latter half of this year.


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