First Look At Art From The Mass Effect Animated Film

In addition to a Dragon Age anime, EA and BioWare also have a Mass Effect anime in the pipeline. It's been pretty low-key until now, but at SXSW we've finally got our first look at the project.

Sadly, it's not a trailer, or even finalised art, but what we do have is concept art for the animated feature that's due for release later this year.

The Mass Effect anime is a joint production between FUNimation, T.O Entertainment and Production I.G. There's plenty of art in the gallery above, while to see more, check out the video linked below.

From The Floor: SXSW 12 - Mass Effect Teaser [DailyMotion]


    DO WANT :|

    They will cut out chunks of the movie for the Director's Cut sell it to you for an inflated price... oh wait.

    Krogans better than I expected

    I think Halo Legends did it best. Mostly skirt around the main story and show off the rest of the universe, provide some nice backstory or peripheral stories and stuff. Obligatory short or two to show off how badass MC is.

    EA can't seem to do it right.. Dante's Inferno was... alright.. but I really worry about them taking every Bioware franchise and giving it the anime treatment. I don't have anything against anime, I watch it sometimes, but does everything need to be turned into anime?

    Is that Vega in that first picture, or Sokka from Avatar?

    That looks... terrible, am not a fan. The Krogan looks like a gutsman, the Batarian looks like a Dragon Quest enemy. I understand that concessions have to be made in the transition to animation, but I wonder if they would have been better served making a 3d film.

      yeah it doesn't look the best, but thats a Vorcha not a Batarian. im pretty sure

    You've got to be kidding me?

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

    Is it just me or does the intro song to that clip sound like "Scotty Doesn't Know" from that movie Eurotrip?

    Character designer who did Eureka 7. Holyshit Do want.

    Make it like Halo Legends but make each episode about all the main characters, doing their own thing. The first episode should be about the prothians and their war with the reapers done in CGI and narrated by EDI. The last episode should have the whole team together fighting the reapers gurren lagann style.

      So basically have it go along the same lines as Halo Legends?

    WTF? This is just pointless, and is purely a marketing strategy and has nothing to do with enriching the Mass Effect series Bioware created and all to do with EA trying to milk it for all its worth.

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