First Look At Tim Tebow As A New York Jet

As a hopeless Jets fan and Tebow-fearing human, I was not too pleased at this afternoon's news that the Denver Broncos have traded divine quarterback Timothy Richard Tebow to the New York Jets. Current starter Mark Sanchez has enough of a media circus on his hands already.

But hey, it's TEBOW! Assuming you don't care about nonsense like "building a successful team" or "winning a championship," there's nothing more fun than watching Timothy in action. So here's your first look at Tebow as a Jet, thanks to the healing power of Madden 12. He's not even that bad!

(Also, if this whole thing falls apart, it might be your only look at Tebow as a Jet.)


    Tebow's a person?!
    I thought Tebow was just a hashtag for when people want to talk about grid iron.

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