First Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Trailer Makes Soldiers Sound Like Beasts

The latest update from Medal of Honor: Warfighter is out. The first video to be released features the military operatives are as deadly as ever. They'll come for you in the dark, water, and in between the trees.


    EA -
    Releasing 'teaser' videos of cut-scenes does not excite me at all. It's nice that the game looks good in parts but we're more interested in how it plays. Show us that and we might care.
    Also, "Warfighter" is a stupid name.



    This is actually really orientalist and disgusting: suggesting that they mythologise the enemy soldiers!

      you're dumb.

    I dont get what all the hate for this title is about? The last MOH game was quite fantastic. Of course Battlefield 3 took it one step further with the vehicles and conquest map types, but other than that, the two games multiplayer components felt almost the same. It had a fantastic campaign as well!

    I think its hard not to fit to a clice name for a FPS coming from one of the biggest names in FPS's. It could be a lot worse!

    I for one am quite interested to see what they make of MOH Warfighter.

      The last MOH was rubbish...

      I agree, I enjoyed the MOH campaign greatly it made me feel a little more for the people I was fighting with as appose to some other games

    Yep, thought they would continue on the "War on Terror" theme. But this time we may end up playing or see other countries special forces instead of purely Americans ones.

      Scrap that, you've always played as Americans on the SP side.

        But they mention virtually every special operations unit in the video, so...

          If I'm correct, traditionally the MOH series has always made you play as a Yank. But features npc characters from various countries.

            In the second MOH game (Underground) you played as a female French resistance fighter, but the rest were American I think.

      If we do get to play non-American soldiers, expect them to be saved from annihilation by the Americans at least once, instead of the other way round, like it usually is.

    The subtitles on the video sounds so much like people talking about SASR (Australian Special Forces), through out Vietnam they were called shadows and that so hopefully they will include them into this because it's about time they were included as they are the best in the world and many US forces have copied some of their training, hell even US Generals have called them the past in the past.

    The last MoH single was a good story but the Unreal engine let the whole thing down and the multiplayer side was bad because it was done by a different company with a different engine (Frostbite 1.5). The Unreal engine that they used was already outdated when MoH was released. Add the issue with having two games instead of the one game with two modes really ruined it for me.

      Yeah I saw SASR flash up amongst all the other special forces of the world so hopefully we'll get to see them in action.

      oops....BIG TYPO...I mean 'US Generals have called them the best in the world"


      Sorry, but that just came across as 12yo dribble..

    Big explosions, falling over, raft assault sequences. COD much??

      That falling back scene at the end looks almost to a scene that happens in Black Ops I think, or it may have been MW3.

      These games...

    Getting kind of tired of this, can we do something new?

      It'll happen eventually, last decades thing was world war 2 shooters, they milked it so hard that now everyone HATES world war 2 shooters on principle. once They've milked the modern military shooter so much that even the most rabid COD fan boy will loathe the sight of an m4 carbine, some developer will manage to convince an idiot publisher that people like variety once every ten years or so and they will make a sci fi first person shooter, that tries out a whole bunch of new stuff that fans wanted but nobody could be bothered implementing before, and it will be hailed as the greatest thing ever, just like COD 4 was. And then everyone will jump on the band wagon and start milking the shit out of that instead. And the dreadful cycle of publishers wanting safe money making over risky innovation will roll on.

    I've still never owned an MOH game before, I always went with Battlefield and COD. The MOH series always struck me as incredibly linear and generic in general.


      thats funny as, i got to this page by googling "warfighter stupid name"

    finally, the SASR is recognised ^_^ <3

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