Five People Playing The Tetris Theme On One Guitar, Sort Of...

Either these five people look amazingly similar, or there's some brilliant digital trickery going on. Either way, this clip is bound to remind you of a video game you used to play.

Of course there's video trickery going on here, but you'd be surprised how many people in the YouTube comments for this splendid little video didn't catch that at first. Guiz de Pessemier, aka GuizDP, filmed himself playing the Tetris theme five different ways on guitar and then edited them together into this masterful creation.

The video, which popped up last month, is a parody of Walk off the Earth's famous cover of the Gotye song "Somebody That I Used to Know", a terribly catchy little tune that I've only just recently discovered. Be careful watching that one; it will stick in your head like some incredibly sticky analogy that I can't think of at the moment because the song won't shut up.

GuizDB captures the spirit of the cover perfectly, right down to the middle guy's intense stares directly at the camera, as if to say "I'm about to rock your world and then sound like crap on Ellen". It's a very specific sort of stare.

So thanks, GuizDB. You've made me believe that one day I can be as cool as the bearded guy on the right.

Tetris Theme — 5 on a single guitar — WOTE style! [YouTube]


    Somebody that i used to know is just baah baah black sheep.
    I still like it though.
    I like the tetris tune too sounded nice on guitar

      And Bah Bah Black Sheep stole its melody from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which stole its melody from the Alphabet Song.

        I was listening to Alphabet song BEFORE it was popular

    People didn't notice it was the same guy? (Wouldn't be surprised if KotakuUS staff were among those) The only way it could've been more noticeable is if the guy had titled it "Me using dodgy tricks to look like 5 people playing a guitar".

    And I thought I had bad eyesight.

    Plus we all know the only good parody of the original is;

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