From Chun-Li To Final Fantasy, This Lady Gets The Thumbs-Up

Meet Mei Wei. She's one of China's top coplayers (or "coser" as they're called there). She appears in Chinese cosplay mags, game promotions and event after event.

Mei Wei's image appeared on the flier for China Joy's cosplay event; China Joy, of course, is the country's biggest game event. Hailing from Tianjin, she's been cosplaying since 1999.

Kotaku previously posted her work while featuring photographer MengJie Luan and his photos of her Athena cosplay.

Today, let's have a closer work at what other cosplays she has done. More in the links below.

Mei Wai (美歪) [Facebook] 美歪 []


    Only the almighty Bashcraft could unravel the identity of this woman. That Tifa shot up-top has plagued the internet in the form of the never-ending question "SAUCE!?" since time and memorial.

    I'm almost impressed.

    Then I remembered it's another fetish post... Hmmm..

    Really fits the part of Lightning from FF13. Rest look really good too, though , dunno about Aeris, Ada and Tifa. I always imaged them with more of a European nationality.

      Aeris, Tifa and Ada(!) of European nationality??
      Just goes to show how different people relate differently to characters.

      But Ada?? You do realise her last name is "Wong" and her dress is modelled of the traditional Chinese Cheong Sam?

    Mei Wei... Will you marry me?

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