Gal Gun: Tentacle. Monster. Orgasm.

At TGS 2010, just inside the media entrance, there sat a van owned by Inti Creates (a game studio formed by ex-Capcom staff). As I came upon it my first day, I saw Kotaku's own Brian Ashcraft standing beside a crowd of Japanese photographers who were fighting for position in front of the van. I asked Brian what was going on, but he just gave me a bemused smile and calmly nodded toward the van.

Suddenly, the side door flew open, revealing a group of booth babes in tight white T-shirts… wielding waterguns. For the next few minutes they soaked each other amid the sound of their own girlish giggles and the flashing of the cameras. Then the doors slammed shut and the van's trunk opened to reveal Gal☆Gun.

Gal☆Gun has shown up on the Kotaku radar several times before for one simple reason: it's a rail-shooter where you literally shoot school girls till they orgasm. The title was released in 2011 as an Xbox 360-exclusive title, region locked to Japanese systems. But as of last week, it's now region free on the PS3 and available to importers worldwide. So to celebrate, we at Kotaku are posting a video of Gal☆Gun's craziest moment — a moment from a game that could only be made in Japan.

Gal☆Gun was released January 27, 2011 on the Xbox 360 and February 23, 2012 on the PS3. Footage was taken from the Xbox 360 version.


    what even is this

    God damn it Bashcr-
    Wait, who the hell is Richard Eisenbeis?

      don't worry, the article itself mentions Bashcraft.

      He can't ever be too far away from these sort of things. . .

      Thought the same thing.


    What are the achievements like?

    *Goes to check PSN*


    wth did I just watch?
    If this is what floats ya boat then dammit you need a new freakin boat.
    DL Katawa Shoujo ffs.

    Rather play Point Blank. Or Time Crisis.

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