GAME Australia Looking For A Buyer

The Australian arm of the troubled retailer, GAME, is reportedly looking for funds to keep its 95 stores afloat after its UK parent company, GAME Group went into administration.

The struggling UK retailer went into administration yesterday, closing almost half its 609 UK stores and leaving 2104 of its 5100 employees without jobs. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been appointed administrator and is responsible for selling the overseas operations, including Australia.

The Australian division of GAME has remained relatively quiet during recent months, declining to comment on what impact the UK collapse will have on the local business. But in a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review, local GAME managing director, Paul Yardley, said he would be working closely with PwC and the Australian management team would get to pick who bought the local division.

Yardley told the AFR that he could not rule out the possibility of store closures and job losses.

In its 2011 annual report, GAME Australia employed around 500 staff in 94 stores. In the previous year, it had closed 25 stores to reduce costs.

A PwC spokesperson said that GAME's international divisions, which include the Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Spain, and Australia are currently operating as normal.

We will update this story as more new emerges.

[Australian Financial Review]


    Less competition is bad for consumers :(

      It sure is, I like Game they are really good up where I live. :(

      Meh, EB Games and GAME for the most part sold games for the same prices anyway. Sure there were a few exceptions but in general, if Uncharted 3 was $90 in one store it would be a safe bet to find it for $90 in the other store.

      I don't think GAME closing its doors (if it does) is going to have much negative impact on video game retail competition here. WhatWOULD be bad is if the non-specialist retailers like JB HiFi, Big W and K-Mart stopped selling games, as that would allow EB to basically do what they want.

        i always noticed that if it was 90 in GAME it was 109 in EB and 79 in JBHIFI.

          Agree. EB by far has the highest prices. I imagine their tactic is if someone comes in, buys a game at that price and asks no questions, then it is extra profit. If someone comes in and asks for a price match, however, they'll do it and have similar margins on that sale as other stores.

          Basically, if the consumer is ignorant, they profit.

        i disagree. i always find that GAME is $10 - $20 cheaper with JB $10 - $20 cheaper than GAME. though the pre-order offers usually determine where i order from or past experiences. There will always be an impact when a competitor closes whether it is noticed or not. say for instance if EB closed aswell. that would give JB the monopoly.

    I think I should check how much money I have on my reward card when I pass by westfield tomorrow just in case.
    I really hope that not many staff are affected in Australia because the guys at my local game store are really friendly.

      the store at westfield carousel in WA is my fave GAME store. they are friendly and excited by games in general. i would be sad if they went :(

      i always feel ignored at JB

    Gametraders should buy em :D more gametraders stores is always good.

      Gametraders seen to be shutting stores lately, mine in Norwood just a couple of months ago also Prospect and glenelg and there down to one store in WA.Game retailers an Oz are doing it tough.

        They shut the one in Glenelg down because there is a huge one at Marion, which everybody goes to and many people pass in the mall. The Glenelg store was down a side street, hardly got noticed.

          Not to mention the same guy owned both stores, no point competeing against yourself.

        The store in Blacktown, NSW seems to be doing quite well, then again the closest Gametraders to that store is Parramatta which is a good 20mins drive apart and both stores have great staff and customers seem to flock in heaps a lot of the time to the Blacktown store, even more so than EB Games just upstairs from it.

          Lol there is a gametraders store just above the Game Blacktown store, just go upthe escalator :)

            hahaha yep that's the one I'm talking about and go up the escalator again and you're at EB Games :P

              There is another Gametraders in Sydney too you know...
              It's out at Campbelltown at Macarthur Square.

                Wel l GT are a franchise so they wont collapse all at once but at least in the western states they semm to be stuggling.

    I think the best way for GAME to remain open is to ignore the local publishers - direct re-selling of UK / EU imports & the lower costs associated should garner more sales.

    How much are they on the market for?

      As long as they are like the awesome guys at the Croydon store and not overpricing asshat's like Highpoint, Chadstone or god forbid the vultures of the no longer operating Glen Waverly then i'm all for it.

        You're thinking Game Traders.

    bwhahaha, die GAME die!

    and in swoops Gerry Harvey

      This ^
      Is exactly what he should do and use it to retail his parallell imports en masse IN australia (I.E low wait times for stock to arrive by mail.
      He has the buying power, he has the ability. But does he have the smarts?
      If I had a few billion spare I would do it.


    Last edited 18/06/15 12:56 pm

      that would discriminate against the other authors/writers/journalists, so you would have to have action figures for them all (except luke plunkett, that would bad for the stores image)

        Are you kidding? I'd buy hundreds of Plunkett & Ashcraft figures. Need something to tie to my firecrackers.

    hoo-boo, am I glad I no longer work for them...

    I feel for these guys. As much as they're my competition, it's never a good thing when a retail outlet can't afford to operate, especially in the cutthroat gaming industry.

    I'll see how much spare change I have on the bottom of my handbag.

    I might be able to scrape up enough from my couch cushions to buy them out. Might look nice in a small corner of my portfolio. Although I already am so fabulously wealthy I'm not sure if I need any more. God my life is complicated at times.

    I love my local Game store. Friendly staff who greet me by name everytime I go in, always up for a chat about games, just a great place to get my games. When I was picking my Vita the guy serving me mentioned that I had $22 on my reward card & asked if I wanted to use it to on the Vita purchase. I'll really miss all that if they can't find a buyer. All the best Game, hope it works out!

    Ozgameshop should turn them into real Ozgameshops.

      That would be awesome!

      I'm really down on GAME since they closed down both Geelong stores (both opened - stupidly - across from EB Games stores)

      Now I'm in Bris they're only in two locations on the Northside so I've kinda gotta go out of my way to visit that store - whereas EB have a store where I live AND where I work

        Their prices would rise by buying brick-and-mortar stores, I imagine.

    Lets all pitch in guys and buy GAME

    I think we should submit to kickstart to raise funds so then we the gamers can run it the way a game shop should be run.

      Please tell us how that is????

        Stock no CoD games after CoD4 =D

          I like your thinking!

    Burn game! Burrrn! Bahahaha

    The croydon gametraders has good staff and good prices but there selection is shocking. They never have any games/consoles i want compared to other gametraders stores... Anyway, i hope GAME stays in Australia...Was always good having a few video games stores to check out. Plus, the midnight launches were way quieter and easy then the midnight launches at EB.


    Hope that a buyer is found and there is minimal impact on the staff at the stores.

    The amount of hate shown to the company is astounding, everyone gets sad when a local dev is shut down and many jobs lost, the retail sector is no different people!

    i agreed whole heartly about how games
    shops have lost touch and arent what they used to be. that gamesmen vid has got me all nostalgic, remember when you would go to a game shop and they would hold tornarments and have install prides and competitions? god I miss all that and I think those sorts of things are key to running a successful business it's an awesome business boost and not to ment giving back to do many local and loyal fans.. who's with me?

    Games Wizards should buy 'em.

      lol you idiot

        game bought games wizards

    whats with the love for ozgameshop? they are a bunch of tools. i've purchased off them heaps of times to have them screw up several orders never accept responsibility.

    Had several packages come with used PSN codes and their public face can be summed up in one statement they issued to me when asking if they can explain what had happened after several screwups on their part.

    "You are in Australia, we're in the UK, your laws do not apply to us you should feel lucky we provide you with cheap games and shut the f*** up."

    an unprovoked response. I've had several friends get similar results and have had lost transaction funds with them as well.

    My gf who lives in the UK has checked up on them , the word is its a bunch of uni students who run the business through trade loopholes for weed money.

      I have spent over $1000 dollars with Ozgameshop over the last 12 month and I have never experienced what you are describing. One time a package was late, but that was due to those volcanic eruptions. Totally beyond their control.

      Your story seems heaps inconsistent...

      1. Who continues to buy from a store who screws up their orders? You're spoilt for choice. Go somewhere else.

      2. All games I get are sealed, and all codes work fine. Never experienced used codes.

      3. They are a web based company who sells to Aus and NZ gamers, why would they berate and insult their customer base?

      4. You just happen to have a GF who lives in the UK and went to "check up on them"? Really?... No, really?

      I'm not accusing you of lying, but the kind of experience you claim to have had with them is nothing like I've ever heard about them before. In my experience: They're cheap. They're usually well stocked. They send pre-orders out on time. And the delivery, considering it is free, is actually pretty quick.

        the reply comment also mentions laws which would be irrelevant if he was just asking to them to explain what was happening ...pretty sure he threatened to take them to court or something to get a response like that

      Ace; if you want to bag a group doing wonderful things then become a solid part of this community (like many ozgameshop customers are), get a gravatar and earn some trust. Until then you're a random wanker spewing total nonsense about a company that have been nothing but the best for many of us.

      Or at the very least, add some proof.

        My GF lives in the U.K. she is an undercover detective. Shenanigans!!!! Ill call it! BS.

    They could sell off half their stores to franchises

      No that business model is called Gametraders. There is only 1 franchisee in the Game brand and they're up near Newcastle. I doubt they'd be able to sell off there stores to potential franchisees fast enough to stop the loses from bleeding them dry even if they tried. It takes about 3-6 months to go through the buying process to settle on a franchise these days.

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