GAME Australia Still Intends To Stock Mass Effect 3 In Local Stores [UPDATE]

Overseas in Europe, GAME and its sister store Gamestation will no longer be stocking EA games post SSX, and that includes Mass Effect 3. But a statement from GAME Australia has claimed that it still intends to stock Mass Effect 3 in local stores, and is currently in talks with EA Australia.

A release from GAME on its Facebook page stated the following:

In light of the news over in Europe between GAME and EA around Mass Effect 3, we would like to formally update you on our position locally. Each territory acts independently and we’re not compelled to act in the same light as our European counterparts. We’re in talks with EA here in Australia this morning and our intension [sic] is, as it has always been, to stock Mass Effect 3 for our customers.

A spokesperson from EA Australia informed us that an official statement would be given shortly.

It's looking extremely unlikely at this stage that Mass Effect 3 won't be stocked in GAME stores. EA has worked extensively with GAME on this title locally, investing heavily on in-store marketing. EA also ran an early access event with GAME in their Parramatta store, bringing early copies of the game along with members of the Bioware team to promote the release of the game.

Given that each territory is able to act independently, and GAME's relationship with EA Australia appears to be solid, Mass Effect 3 will most likely be available in GAME stores upon release.

UPDATE: A message left on GAME's Facebook page confirmed the retailer will be selling Mass Effect 3 on launch day.

Following on from this morning's statement, Mass Effect 3 will definitely be available through GAME Australia. We look forward to seeing you on launch day.


    Yes, well we know what they say about the road paved with good intensions (sic, lol).

      You say Intension, I say Tomato :p

      It always messes with my train of thought more when the word is actually spelled correctly but the wrong word. Ah english.

      The weird thing about that typo; the word intention is an unnecessary extension of intent, in this instance.

    The most interesting thing to me is that GAME Europe isn't stocking EA titles any more. When/why did this happen? I missed it.

      Same here. I keep reading Game AU will stock the game but no one mentions why the euro stores won't be.

      Yeah, last night.

        Thanks Fenixius.

    Thank god for that! I was beginning to get worried.

    I was under the understanding that Game in Oz was up that creak with that paddle. If they stop stocking EA here then Game might as well pack up shop. Which then just leaves evil EB to mislead customers.

    Why won't anyone think of the children?!

    And the tards wonder why they are going broke.

      They're already pretty much broke, and EA won't let them buy-now-pay-later because then EA won't make as much money this quarter as they had forecast, which will then make them look bad in their end-of-quarter report to their shareholders. That's why GAME aren't stocking new EA games.


    Now, excuse me while I buy it cheaper from anywhere else.

    Good. I orginally tried to get my N7 pack from the JB site and it kept directing me to the non collector pack so I asume they were sold out of CE editions. Game was only my second option. but the same price so I'm fine with it. Now its down to the wait. C'mon N7.

    The only hope for GAME seems to be a buy-out by gamestop Corp. who own EBgames, however they have stated that they have no intrest whatsoever in GAME's Australian bussiness.Seeing that EBgames and GAME stores are in 90% of the same locations over here I can understand their point.
    Also GAME's 90+ store in Aus only had SALES not profit of 38 million bucks last year, thats only $420,000 per store, add up rent.staff and bills Etc. and they must be losing money.
    If you have in-store credit, rewards points of gift cards now is the time to use them.If the GAME UK go into recievership they might close the store in Aus real fast.

    Do you know what would be interesting and useful in this story? Some attempt at explaining why GAME in Europe won't be stocking EA games.

      The offical company response is GAME are unable to secure favourable credit terms.However the word on the street is that EA ans now also apparently Nintendo and ubi want cash up front.

      Admittedly, a link to the other story would have been lovely >.>

    "As a "gesture of goodwill", customers will be able to claim £5 worth of Reward Points and a full refund - although previous information provided to Eurogamer suggests this refund will be store credit, not cash. "

    Umm... that doesn't seem legal to me. If someone pre-orders something then you can't supply it, you have no right to say "well, we can't give you the product you wanted and we won't give your money back, but we'll give you store credit". That's ridiculous.

    Of course they are. Mass effect 3 = $

    A friend of mine worked there and they lost 18M in one year so it's no suprise they are clutching to every game as they have no power in the aus market.

    The sale of game aus will be finalised in the next six months and it will be game over then. France is another territory game is lookin to sell to try and stave off shutting stores in the uk. Aus and France are markets generating massive losses.

    Who really shops instore anymore? The Internet is the best store and it has the best offers.

    Not lost 18M they were 18M in debt. My bad.

    Game has ALWAYS bullied publishers into giving them exclusives for minimal shelf space in EU.

    They're a child throwing a tanty most of the time, games don't make it to Steam in some instances because Game (store) will refuse to sell them if they don't have release day sales and HUGE bulk order discounts with consignment stocks (this means they only actually pay for what they sell and can return excess).

    On top of this Origin has made EA a truckload of $$ so they decided not to be grabbed by the short and curlies and call Game's bluff. Guess who won. Origin made EA like $100mill in its first year? They don't need Game and certainly shouldn't have to deal with stupid Apple store type policies on who has access to things thye've paid for.

    So. In summary.

    1. Shady business deals that screw the consumer.
    2. Bulk order discounts on large stock volumes most of which are returned (which negates the volume discount (really dodgy)
    3. Vendor got sick of it and decided they wouldn't be handled like Steam is so they said here is the door get out.
    4. Game are now in the toilet and good riddance

    ^^ Good on EA for this, I'd rather pay the publisher directly than some corner store who is nothing but a glorified pimp peddling overpriced wares

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