GAME Australia Working On 'Viable Alternative Options'

In the UK, GAME is going through difficult times. It has suspended trading on the stock exchange and there are plans to close multiple stores. If GAME in the UK doesn't raise £180 million by the end of the week it risks going into administration. This has raised concerns about GAME in Australia — we now have a local response which claims GAME Australia is working on "viable alternative options'.

“GAME’s businesses around the world are going through a challenging time," reads the statement. "Regarding our business locally, Australia is a separate legal entity and business from the UK, with a separate management team. The choices that GAME’s UK entities are making don’t necessarily impact us here.

"In case the UK entities do go into administration, the Australian management team and I are working hard on a number of viable alternative options for our business."

GAME is hoping that good working relationships with local publishers and distributors will help the company in the long term.

"We are fortunate that we have strong relationships with local publishers and continue to work closely with them. We will keep stocking the latest releases, as well as honouring all our pre-orders. Our aim, as always, is to ensure we remain as the destination of choice for our customers and continue to deliver great customer service and knowledge.”


    Doesnt sound good :(

    What are the names of Australias video game distributors? I know one is QV Software it's sort of hard to find them for some reason.

    I honestly don't Australian GAME will be too far behind, irrespective of how their UK counterparts go.
    They lost me and many people I know as customers not so long ago, and on the rare occasion I do check out my local GAME, there's less people in there, and the stock levels seem lower. Also the regular staff who knew or were enthusiastic about games have been replaced by people who seem to not know, or not care too much.

      Incidentally, their biggest drawcard - their amazing trade in deals/prices and awesome points/rewards programs died in the proverbials. Standard trade in prices, and that god-awful GAME card that gives me bugger all, really.

        I walked into a GAME yesterday, since I have all of $7.50 on my reward card. The store manager was red-faced yelling at his staff members, and calling them some unsavoury words.
        In the middle of the store.
        In the middle of the afternoon.
        Other than myself the only people in the store were school kids.
        I turned around and left.

          I would have given a rather loud 'Wooooooooooow' till he noticed then turned around and left :D

          That's shocking. I've had an overall good experience with game, and although now and then there are issues most of the time it is out of their hands and I have been happy with the staff and how they dealt with the problem. The same cannot be said for my experience with EB. Personally I feel EB stores less "welcoming" then Game, I rarely get greeted and have never had more then a few word conversation with any of their staff. Out of curiosity what store was this in?

          My last experience with GAME wasn't great either. I had traded in a stack of games (during one of their deals where they give you a higher trade value for trading in four games at a time or something like that), with the intention of using it in a few months time. The staff told me that they now keep track of store credit with their new rewards card, so don't worry about keeping the receipts. Fast forward to three months later, I'm trying to buy a new game with my store credit, and they ask me for the receipts from when I traded in the games.

          I look forward to watching GAME crash and burn. You won't be missed.

          Curious. Victorian store by any chance?

          Ah the joys of a professional staff!

          I've had my own little incident. This one was where one of the desk staff obvously had his uni mates visting his shop. That in itself wouldn't have been as bad if

          a) They (the friends) were screaming stupid stuff like GAME sux EB is better out loud in the store.. in front of the desk. I know it's meant to be as a joke to the guy working but when a random customer walks in and hears coming from someone taking on friendly terms w/ the counter guy it doesn't look very good

          b) Said friends were all clustered up near the desk and in front of some shelves... literally getting in the way of people browsing =/

          c) They also proceeded to gossip about the guys co worker who stepped out for a break. And not in "chinese whispers" mode but flat out bad mouthing the poor guy.

          And people wonder why the shops are empty...

        I've had numerous terrible experiences with GAME. The prices are high but they treat you like crap too. EB Games has been fine, but I don't shop there because the games are too expensive compared to Play-Asia and Ozgameshop.

        I hate GAME, and I'm hoping it goes under. Our local store cycles through staff like... something witty. One dude just played Guitar Hero while working, and I had to wait for him to finish a song to buy Advance Wars.

          Not all the Game stores are the same. Really wish people would stop generalising.

          So you hate Game and hope it goes under?
          Next time you walk into your place of employment, I hope they go under and you lose your job too. Despite what people think, there ARE good, hard-working people at Game. Maybe next time, think about what you're typing a bit longer before hitting submit.

    Never bought anything from GAME. Prices are never close to the likes of JB and EB on occasion.

    anyone want too board the sinking ship aka HMAS GAME AUSTRALIA

    I thought Game Australia was in trouble way before now? I can't stand shopping at game at game. I find the stores really uninviting and the staff just seem like they have no idea. I all ways shop at JB for my games.

      Have to say the same, bought 2 games from them, and 1 preorder, the preorder came in a day AFTER everyone else had it ,and the prices wore more then eb ... didnt really make me go back anytime.

      Now i may wander in to look at the second hand shelf and compare prices for any 'jewel's otherwise i avoid them.

    Viable business option 1 - Sell to EB Games
    Viable business option 2 - Sell grey imports at lower prices
    Viable business option 3 - Give up and die out

      option 3 brah

      Viable business option 4 - Sell to Coles or Woolworths tell them Aldi's or Costco made an offer.

      I saw Harvey Norman on TV the other night saying he is down to option 2 to keep his games arm profitable. His stores also have help with many departments to help prop it up as well. Must very very hard to form a business model from just games and consoles. Option 2 for a bit, then probably option 3.

        And why not grey import - I bought 2 games in Big W a few weeks back that have never officially been released in Australia. In fact the packaging had the PEGI rating on it with a sticker for the Australian rating stuck over the top of the plastic - obviously done once it hit our shores.

        If the distributors/publishers in AU can't get close to the import price then retailers should be going around them.

          Of course one problem w/ Grey Import is it might not go well w/ some local distributors. HN and JB may have the marketing clout to get away w/ skipping past local distros but as it stands GAME's only life line seems like the local distros letting them have stock =/

      why would EB want them??that's a retarded and NON viable option

        On what grounds do you base your opinion? I think EB would love to buy them off at a stupidly low price. They would get a tonne of stock for next to nothing, and on the chance GAME have any better store locations, they could take them over and put an EB there. Then they can just shut down all the other stores they don't need.

        Anyways, the only time I use game is when I buy stuff from their online store. Whether it be a rare time they get an exclusive collectors edition or when they are having a decent sale. I got my collectors edition of Skyrim from their online store when they released a limited quantity of them online after they were all sold out in stores.

          Wow, not well informed. Buying GAME wouldn't just get EB all their stock, but all their debt as well. Plus, why would EB need a second store in a ton of centres, they would get stuck with all the redunancies of shutting the other stores down. GAME are unprofitable, why purchase a company to waste money to fix it when you have a perfectly profitable business already?

            Plus i'm not sure the ACCC would even allow it.

              debts (if applicable) would get transferred, as would stock unless EB liquidates.

              isn't that exactly what happened with Feeling Fruity and Boost?
              When Boost bought out Feeling Fruity, most FFs were shut down, some were replaced by the nearest Boost's staff and signage. Glenferrie Road Hawthorn circa 2003 if anyone was there.

              I'm not convinced EB would be liquid enough to buy Game outright however.

      They should do option 2 - might even put a fire under the increasingly lethargic EB games (EB's idea of specials lately has been lacklustre)

    ahahhahahah - "....the destination of choice for our customers and continue to deliver great customer service and knowledge.” Whatever, the guys at GAME here in canberra are rubbish. THey bully you into keeping your cash there. I dont shop there anymore because they are idiots.

      I agree with you man, they staff used to be awesome about 12 months ago( in belco anyways), now just hopeless and they never get stock on time. My arkham city collectors edition didnt arrive on time for ps3 so they give me afree copy of the std game wtf?? and MGS came a week late, as much as i am not a massive fan of eb either thank god they aleast have never ever mucked up any of my orders

        Both of those would have happened to you either way; they were distribution issues.

          as i said man EB never had any problems, hence why i got MGS from EB. The GAME staff memeber i spoke to said oh ok - sounded enbaressed when i said EB have MGS

            For what it's worth, I've had nothing but great experiences with Game in Canberra, specifically Gungahlin. Those guys have been nothing but enthusiastic, helpful and awesome. Much love to all you haters, but my experiences have been positive every time. Good luck to you nice folk who have a job with GAME, we don't all think you suck!

      All I can say is, go to either GAME, EB Games and Gametraders in Blacktown, NSW.... all 3 of those stores are absolutely awesome! they all have great staff, love to chat, know what they're talking about and honestly the best service I've ever gotten amongst any other video game store I've ever been to, also, neither of them I've ever had a problem with for preorders, returns etc (or it could be because I'm not a dick and also am a regular customer to all 3 stores) :P

        Have to completely agree with you on that point, all three have awesome staff, complete standouts out of all the stores I've been to. They're the reason I still shop in person!

    I've pretty much given up on Australian game retailers in general, I just import from the UK where I can get a new game for $30-$50 when off the shelf here it's $90-$110. I'm not much of a 'must play day of release' guy though so the 2 weeks it takes to arrive doesn't bother me. :)

      This is exactly the attitute everyone needs to adopt. EB, JB (and I guess GAME too) all rely on the sales of people who either don't know any better or can't handle waiting a week or two for the newest release. If everyone started shopping online, Australian retailers would either have to lower the prices to something reasonable, or die out. I'll start buying locally once we are paying $70 for a brand new console release. That's a fair mark up, I'm happy to pay an extra $10 for convenience. None of this $90+ BS.

        i agree game prices are too high here.
        i disagree buying from overseas companies

        you're not supporting the local economy. there has to be balance. assuming that just because you take your business elsewhere doesn't mean it will lead to lower prices. just look at when mp3 format became the norm and what happened to the music retailers. that is the classic example. i understand people wanting a better deal but there has to be some give and take but people just look for the better deal and don't think of the ramifications it has on local businesses and in turn the community. i rather keep my money circulating in WA not over in Europe or elsewhere

          Appealing to national pride is basically the resort of a company that has nothing of substance to offer. The fact it, I don't support local games retailers because they charge too much, their trade-ins aren't worth it, and their service is lousy (worse than ozgameshop for sure). If they had any one of the three they might be able to keep a float, but its far too late now.

            I guess you have had bad experiences where I haven't. I find their service to be excellent, much better than the competition but I most likely live in a different state and shop ant different stores with different staff then you.
            I respect your choice to buy online but I was merely pointing out that quirkhall's statement was ignorant. It needs to be taken into consideration the scale at which imports are costed. Items and commodities are cheaper in bulk and we don't have the market to buy large amounts. Yes there is a mark-up and there could be a price reduction possible but people fail to realise how costly it is to import and sell products here. Online stores offer it cheaper because of the scale they sell them on and the lack of middle men needed for distribution and other services. Companies like GAME will always find it hard to compete. The difference is they support the local economy by sourcing the services needed from other businesses. When one major store fails other smaller businesses become crippled and it has a domino effect. Just look at the US and what hass happened. GAME is tiny but it is an example of a trend these days. i don't want to see that happen
            It’s just sad that people don’t realise the effect it can have and I think you completely missed the point I was making

              I totally agree with you on the supporting the local economy, but unfortunately the bottom line for 99% of people is the money. Why pay more than doble the price for exactly the same product if you don't have to? The only thing different from online retailers is the ability to trade in games, but when your 5 games get you less than $20 there's not much incentive there.

              It's similar to the music industry in some ways: Artists CAN'T make money off selling their music anymore, it just isn't viable with all the piracy, so they have to focus more on their merchandise and live shows. The music has become a by-product, rather than the actual product, a preview to the live show almost. Sure it forces them to be touring more and make better, higher quality merch, but it's either that or stop doing it all together.

              GAME won't be able to exist if it's trying to put all it's money purely into selling games when people can buy them at less than half the price overseas. It will continue to lose until there is nothing left to lose. It needs to adapt to the changing face of the industry and the obvious encroachment of online retailers. It needs to offer things that online retailers can't, better trade ins for a start, more of an atmosphere, more presence in the game 'culture' with events (think of the launch parties for big name games).

              Games Workshop, even though in a different industry, have more of a community feel where they play instore that which involve the customers on another level other than just selling games to them. It shows how the store isn't just a place to buy games, but a place to be surrounded by the culture of games and participate directly with other gamers (as opposed to online).

              It's one thing to support the local industry as consumers, but it's another thing for businesses to support their customers as well, and if that means that GAME have to expand their presence into other areas of gaming to raise their profile and cement themselves into local gamer culture then that's what they have to do, because just competing over prices is a dead end.

                but how has GAME is Australia survived so far?
                your 99% number is completely unfounded. i understand what you are saying but at least have the consideration to provide evidence or a realistic number. australia isn't in a recession and a lot of people, at least in WA are not quibbling about money issues otherwise we would be in a similar situation as the US and we are clearly not.
                i do agree that involvement may help but its the attitude of the consumer that needs to change. if GAME offered more competitive pricing, bi annual events, workshops do you really think people with busy schedules would take notice? i don't think so. we are in a rut and want convenience and they don't place as high a value in customer service these days. there is no community outside sites like this because of consolidation. there needs to be a starting point. i feel its supporting local industries and from this comes supporting and rewarding customers. i guess you see it as the other way around. though realistically the likelihood of this happening is slim to none which is sad. another loss to the competition and another gain for online suppliers. goodbye local games retailers. i will miss you

              To be honest, its not that I've had a bad experience at any of the major players. Its just that I haven't found the staff to be particularly knowledgeable or passionate about the product either. Therefore, their no more helpful than an online retailer, but they charge a lot more. Its what broke Starbucks, and it'll break them too.

                Wait, you can buy cups of coffee online now?

                never had starbucks in WA. i can say they are good in the US though

      i agree, although it is something i really want to play over the weekend i usaully take massive advantage of EB's 7 day return policy lol

        what most clowns such as yourself dont realise is that it's NOT the retailer that charge the high prices in oz its the publishers. whenever they drop the price or give a rebate, the retailer passes it on.. I agree, prices are too high in Australia, but know your facts first

          So Activision set the price for Modern Warfare 3 at $119.95 @ EB Games when it released?

          Get YOUR facts straight.

      i agree with u lochie. the exspenses of games here are so high i rather import to.

    Oh and has anyone else notices that the majority of their stock now is PRE OWNED, Its now more like a second hand shop than a place you want to lay down some hard earned cash!
    JBHIFI for me if i buy locally their 2 for 40 deals has awesome little gems!! and day 1 prices are alway about 20-30 cheaper

    of course, I understand that the big guys use games as loss leaders, but I does suck when you go to pick up your pre-order at GAME and they've got a sign on the counter for the day saying "oh hey guys, we can't price match this game, BTW"

    leaves a bitter taste...

    Tho I will say, if GAME and EB are muscled out of the market by the loss leader tactics of the big guys, we can watch those oh so fantastic Big W prices start creeping back up

    Yea, haven't really got anything from GAME since they replaced their knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.

    sounds like i am the only one who prefers GAME over JB and EB. after my skyrim fiasco with JBonline and the pushing and shoving i got from EB i shop at GAME. they are always enthusiastic at my local store and i always order from their online store. since i am in WA they are the only ones with free shipping and i get it on the release date. no other store can do that. it will be a shame if they go but like many great stores gone over the years i will find a way to get by but it wont mean me shopping at EB thats for sure.

    There are still some good people that work for game, who have stayed with the company through promises of things getting better. They never did. Hopefully they all find new jobs soon, just don't stay in retail for too long...

      i agree with u fubar their are good people there getting promised false hopes and good times. persoanlly they r great people getting done wrong and should bail very very soon.

    I hope for my friends that work there's sake that the Australian stores keep going and the management can turn it around somehow and not be sold off by the GameGroup as an asset. But it doesn't look good, it's not an industry in good shape anyway and EB have always had the lion's share (regardless of how lame they are) of the game's retailers. They need to find a better foot hold in the market to make them stand out and create an identity for themselves. Better, unique/exclusive pre-order bonuses, more in depth customer service, different avenues to explore related to gaming like competitions? Event sponsorships? Things to make people want to go into the store and be part of it, otherwise people will still walk in and try to use their EB card.

    I won't deny that SOME staff at GAME are uneducated buffoons, but what do you expect when half of them got their job based on the fact they are friends with the manager of the store.
    If we saw more staff members who did their jobs, and researched the games they want us to walk out with (yes, that includes the older games too), we as the consumer group would be happier as a whole.
    They do have great trade in prices, and if anybody has a higher trade price they will match it, they will also match the price of other games providing it doesn't go under cost, exactly the same as EB and other competitors.
    At the end of the day, we all have our shops where we throw our cash around.
    Hater gonna hate

    GameTraders are the best place to check out for there extended range of game related stuff (Retro, collectables, and even amine/comics. However I have never brought current generation games from them as there prices are a little high.

    JB HiFi,ebay, import seem or digital download seems to be the way to go for video games these days.

    As long as game stay open long enough to ship my Diablo 3 CE in 2 months i'll be happy. Shame too since Game are pretty cool. Story time!

    Back when Arkham City was released I had ordered the CE. The day before release they sent me an email saying that they were very sorry but there had been a delay with their shipment of CEs and they would be coming "later". But not to worry, we sent you a copy of the game for free so you don't miss out. Yes they sent me an entirely free copy to play. The next day my CE arrived. They scored huge points with me and my sister thought I was awesome buying her the new batman game lol. So everyone was a winner. Well except maybe Game and perhaps that would explain why they are so in debt now hahaha.

      That was from the distributor , not Game.

    Pfft, they're gone here too by the sounds of things.

    GAME Australia do have an online store as well. I bought Lord of the Rings: War In The North Collector's Edition from them, for less than what everyone else was charging for the standard edition (INCLUDING eBay).

    unless you want something day one, why would people even bother?

    GAME AU are in trouble - like they where just over 12 months ago - Anyone remember the massive sale out of games? - mostly 2nd hand stock - this was to raise revenue at the time. while getting stock deleted quick as possible.

    Game UK are the parent company of Game AU ...Game UK will WANT to Sell AU ASAP ....if Gamestop gets their hands on it then it should just be named eb game 2 .... Same parent company that currently owns eb competition for us punters and more likely high pricing .... so we'll all be looking at imports ....

    also did anyone see the twit today: "Skyrim on SALE! $74 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia!… #skyrim #GAME #dragonborn" They listed the PC version at the same price - 4 month old game that you can get imported or via a certain legit site for $20 cheaper ... ...

    Game AU are gone ...


    If you buy a company and merge it into your own can you keep their accumulated Business losses and offset it against your own business tax? buying debt might be viable.

    Kind of ironic that a good store is closing down whereas the one that is not so good is staying afloat (yes you know which one I mean).

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