Gamers Are Now Angry At BioWare Because Of An Image In Mass Effect 3 [Spoiler]

Fans have expressed outrage at the apparent reveal that developer BioWare used a stock photo as the basis for one of Mass Effect 3's main characters.

Angry gamers sent a barrage of emails to Kotaku US last night with links to the stock photo and the spoilery reveal from the action-roleplaying game, which was released there yesterday (and today in Australia) for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Warning: The photograph below contains spoilers for one of Mass Effect 3's characters.

The photo shows an in-game picture of Mass Effect 3 character Tali, who appeared in both previous games but has never removed the mask covering her face. Tali's newly revealed face seems to be a modified version of a stock image by photographer Matthew Leete, which is freely available for commercial use to anybody with a Getty Images account.

"This HAS to qualify for some form of lazy art," one gamer told us.

"Looks like more BioWare bullshit to me," another gamer said.

Reader Matthew Reichardt sent us this picture of Mass Effect 3's Tali lined up next to a stock Getty photograph.

BioWare is no stranger to internet hatred. A large contingent of gamers seem dedicated to attacking the development studio. They harassed BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler during an internet campaign last month. Yesterday, review aggregator Metacritic had to delete some of the user reviews on Mass Effect 3 for violating its terms of use in what appeared to be a unified effort to spam the game with low scores.

We've contacted BioWare and publisher EA for comment and we'll update if we hear anything.


    Seriously. instead of enjoying the game, all this ppl getting worked up cause of a pic.

      Actually there is more to it than that. This is but one example of shortcuts and laziness on behalf of Bioware, leaving many to feel ME3 was a rush job.

    wow, this just amazes me, not picture, but the fact that tali looks really human, from her suit i thought she had a long neck, damn spoiler, imma go cut myself now (i know there was a warning).

    back to topic, It also surprised me. didn't think bioware would do this. Rushed due to release date? or just lazy.

    Well it either lazy or they've forgotten how many fingers Tali has. It sure isn't 4 fingers and a thumb. It doesn't surprise me though, from everything I've read about ME3 is sounds like the second coming of Dragon Age 2.

      She has three fingers in the full picture, but it's pretty badly edited.

      At least DA2 made sense; quarians being "human-lite" strikes me as fanservice. Would have been more understandable if quarians were a bit more *alien*.

        The codex has multiple mentions across all 3 games about quarians being human like.

          Partial rage defused. How did I miss this?

    Sure this is lazy, quite lazy. However I'm sure it happens a lot more than it doesn't. These people need to get a grip. Just play and ejoy/hate the GAME.

      I don't know about you, but I put well over $200 into this series, plus probably another $100 more for DLC. They built up all of this intrigue into what she looks like and just use a stock Getty image? Suddenly all that money I paid for games and DLC seems like an investment into FARCEWARE more than Bioware.

    She looks perfect to me. People like to criticize other people hard work for nothing. All the other characters had human models as basis by the way.


    or something. People sure aren't fussy about what they choose to complain about...

    I don't see what the problem is here.

      So it's OK that a "highly regarded" multi-million dollar development studio would rather procure it's images from Google search rather than pay artists to create an original face for a character as important as Tali? Even when the image is rather poorly photo-shopped when compared to the original?

      It's especially offensive when you remember the interview with Casey Hudson said the development crew have spent heaps of time thinking about how to reveal Tali's face and what it might look like.

      I've seen better fan art.


        I expected a reveal to be as meticulously and dramatically enacted as the various build-ups over the years have led us to believe.

        That said, my Shepard never liked Tali, never romanced her, never took her on missions, so I have no personal stake in this.

        Conceptually though, it's a disappointing lapse and betrays some level of laziness in terms of the details that hopefully are not endemic in the game.

          the ending spells of laziness, IMO, this just cements the laziness as fact.

        Christ, life is tough, innit?

    I'd understand if it was a major plot point, but from what I can gather its just a picture in your room...

    so... who cares...?

    Who really gives a damn?

      I don't think anyone who is rational really does care, but it is really lazy and from a studio as venerated as Bioware you expect much better.
      Plus for such an important character in one of their most popular series, one whose identity fans wanted to see and one they built up, it really is shockingly lazy and its almost like they don't give a crap about their series if they're willing to just go to google images and take a stock image, not even paying the photographer mind you.

      Just my two cents on the issue

    Good on KotakuUS for placing the potential spiler as the article image.


    First Destructoid and now you guys.
    Seriously, fuck KotakuUS.

    Well down you fools for showing the actual image in the article image on the main page.

      Yeah it's a stupid spoiler, who else is it gonna be...

    Ever since we started getting more and more info on this game people have just been whinging and bitching, because it isn't just the way they wanted it. That they don't want multiplayer that's going to detriment the single player experience, because there is no way they could pull off both. They don't want day1 DLC that will play a massive role in the singleplayer and completely ruin the game for them if they don't purchase it. They don't want Bioware to approach a rather unkown photographer and pay him for the rights to use one of his photo's in their game, which may or may not help him further his career. They don't want same sex romance as it's not their sexuality and gays in video games is just outright disgusting (however lesbian sex scenes are quite alright).

    I seriously wish people would stop bitching about this game just becuase Bioware didn't make it exactly the way they wanted it to be, just for them. When it comes down to it Mass Effect 3 is an excellent game, and will be one of the biggest games of 2012, people just need to stop hating on it for literally the tiniest things.

      Point of order: they didn't approach any photographer, nor did they pay any money. This is a royalty-free image that they probably just Googled for.

      Until this article, this photographer would have gotten no exposure or benefit.

      RE: the gay comment, I don't think people care about it being a POSSIBILITY in the game, rather that it is forced upon you as an option. That, and apparently even the gay community have said that it's execution is demeaning to them.

        " it is forced upon you as an option"

        What? This makes no sense. An option is an option is an option. You don't need to pick it.

        And nobody speaks for "the gay community", they speak for themselves. I've heard nothing demeaning about it.

    I haven't picked up Mass Effect 3 as of yet... last year I had intended to pre-order it.

    I don't feel like I'm 'over' Mass Effect, because I still play and enjoy the first two every now and then. I just really don't feel like 3 is going to be what I had hoped it would be.

    I'm not sure if I'm delaying out of fear of dissappointment, or if I'm just never going to play it. I assume the former... but part of me still leans towards the latter.

    But yeah, that's sad to the point of hilarity that Bioware did *this* for Tali's true appearance. At this pint I don't feel like I'm missing very much.

      "at this pint..."

      *point :-P

      Now I just sound like a drunkard

    Kotaku you also forgot to mention the other things that Bioware *borrowed* from other places, observe this image.

      DAMN - huge spoilers in that link!



          FFS, I'm not even a spoilerphobe and I'm pissed off by this. :(

            Obviously if you're in a spoiler post you're going to see spoilers if you click an image that's posted

              Don't be unrepentant about that, the article said in the front-page summary it was about "a character" so it was a small spoiler. Your image talks about much more than that.

                You're off the case, McGarnical.

                  You're off you're case.

                  And, also, all out of gum, I expect.

    i'm not sure how Shepard is even able to have a photo like that. Tali's never been on a planet she could take her mask off on anyway.

      ME2 (that's two, not three) spoiler for the joke:

      Fur qvrq va ZR2 naq ur cbfrq ure pbecfr?

    If I were Bioware at this point I would be sick to death of gamers and their cry baby ways.


      If I was on salary there (i.e. not profit-sharing), and had built up a decent resume of work, I would be taking off for lower-profile work.

        But they have a STOCK image in their game! I dont care how many years it took them to make this game, or how highly its rated! This is just not acceptable! I will not buy this game now because...well just because!


    After playing The Old republic for a month, it doesn't surprise me at all that these retards could fuck this up. I wouldn't be surprised if there were NO original members of Bioware left, they have all been replaced with idiots surrounded by yes men who take every opportunity to cut corners, and be the laziest pieces of crap in the gaming industry to date.

    I am a Tali fan, but I am not die hard about the ME franchise in general, but this is just pure, flat out, laziness on the same level as a mechanic using tape and string to fix a Ferrari.

    This is undeniable proof that Bioware could not beleive more that this is just a job to them, one they can't be bothered with doing properly, and this picture is just one piece of evidence that they are lazy, look at every game they have made since they got a name for themselves.

    Look at their forums, you can be banned and have all your EA games revoked for stating even constructive criticism. They have taken a page out of dictatorship to try and not disturb the staff with criticism so they can keep producing shit while the yes men "yes" away at their garbage.

    I'm picking up Twisted Metal today instead of Mass Effect 3. A year ago I would have said I'm picking up Twisted Metal IN ADDITION to ME3. This is one of the first games I can think of where the pre-release hooplah has actually caused me to completely lose interest in playing it.

    It took me a moment to understand the image.

    Ah loltakuAU, where would we be without you? Those damn yanks never really grasped the idea of common decency, especially regarding implements of car aerodynamics.

    Um. The stock photo kinda looks like Tali's voice actor. Has anyone even thought that maybe they used an image of the voice actor? Makes sense, stop getting all pissy about it an enjoy the game

    rule 34 anyone? I who is she irl?

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