Gamers Send BioWare 400 Cupcakes

Gamers Send BioWare 400 Cupcakes

Proving once and for all that cupcakes are the solution to all of life’s woes, a group of BioWare fans has organised a shipment of 400 delicious pastries to the Mass Effect creator’s office in Edmonton, Canada.

Their goal is to protest Mass Effect 3‘s controversial ending by giving everyone at BioWare diabetes trying to prove a point about cupcakes all tasting the same or something? I dunno.

Posting on BioWare’s official forums, user LoganKey writes:

We are currently trying to organise the delivery of a mass of cupcakes to Bioware’s studio in Edmonton. All the cupcakes will be divided into equal parts Red, Blue and Green colours… but they will all taste exactly the same. If you’d like to participate, please check out the thread below and let us know.

This coming week, we should send Bioware boxes upon boxes of a dozen cupcakes. We are taking ideas as to what sort of notes we should have attached on each box. Some possibilities include:

– “No matter what colour you choose, they all taste the same”;
– “No matter what colour you choose, it’s all vanilla ;-D”
– “We rage because we love”

They’ve already raised $US1000 and enlisted the services of Edmonton-based pastry shop Fuss Cupcakes for their holy campaign.

Retake ME3 Cupcake Campaign [BioWare via Game Informer]

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  • Well shit. Here I thought from the headline that this was going to be an uplifting story about people calming the fuck down and being reasonable human beings, offering the undoubtedly frazzled (and in the majority, blameless) Bioware staff some consolation over being incessantly linked to this non-issue.

    • Typical “I’ve never played Mass Effect so other people’s problems are probably just them being children” response.

      Anyway, this is cool, not all commentary on this issue has to be dickery.

      • Typical, “You’re either with us, or you don’t know what you’re talking about,” response.

        I played it. Loved it. Baffling, right?
        But agreed that at least folks are trying something that doesn’t involve shouting and crying… they’ve moved on to passive-aggressive gifts, like an over-bearing mother. I guess you could call that progress.

        • Well i find it amusing, it’s well and truly past the point people should have accepted it was bad and moved on, but lol, creative non violent ribbing at Bioware is basically harmless.

          • Argh, this new website, it’s apparently impossible for me to cancel replies if I accidently click on them.
            This time I shut down the tab, opened a new one, found the article again, just to make sure this wouldn’t end up here…. and it still did. Oh well, still a relevant response i suppose.

        • Agreed. This pseudo-riot has gone far out of hand.

          This, though… I don’t think it’s too bad. I was hoping it was fans apologizing, but it’s still better than suing, insulting, rageing, etc.

      • Also another guy with 8 play throughs, finished ME3 with the save game I’ve had since 2008.
        LOVED it. I thought this article was going to be about sane, rational people who are lauding bioware for what they’ve done instead of the spoiled consumers that are flooding the interwebs with hate and now these passive aggressive put-downs.

          • I chose synthesis, and it was a satisfying but bittersweet conclusion.
            *SPOLIERS* Shepard breaks the endless cycles of conflict by giving herself to create an entirely new form of life. The entire galaxy is shattered apart , with a whole new frontier/series of problems and challenges for the future. Everything has changed, but Shepard can put aside the massive burden s/hes been carrying since ME1. I really felt like I was saying goodbye to someone I’ve know for ages and it pulled at the heart strings a bit like a good ending should which is why I can forgive it for being so universal. Even though I consider synthesis to be the ‘real’ ending, I am glad I had the choice of the other two because it makes it that much more meaningful in a way.
            I would expect any series as long and loved as ME to have people crying and bemoaning any ending they could have given it, but the magnitude of rabid ‘fan’ hate is very unimpressive to fans who want to applaud BW’s efforts and creative spark… I would definitely class the writing as Asimov/Clarke worthy, instead of the normal hollywood crap videogamers have been fed since storylines came along.

    • I was hoping for much the same thing. I suppose this is a step up from what others have been doing and saying, but it still feels like a bit of a jerk move.

  • Poor BioWare, I thought I was going to read about a group of people sending them cupcakes to cheer them up, not make them feel even worse.

  • We’re all overlooking the big issue here: There were 400 cupcakes, how could they possibly be divided into 3 equal groups?

    • I can see the drivers opening their doors, stepping out onto an unknown planet.

      No more people should have to suffer that ridiculous fate.

  • Surely they will all just get chucked straight in the bioware dumpster anyway.
    Who would just eat anything a stranger sends, and especially if it was a rapid internet fanboy holding a grudge

    • Actually, that’s a seriously valid point. Unless the catering group delivers it personally (like say, you receive some pizzas from Dominos or some donuts from Krispy Kreme), you shouldn’t trust anything anyone sends – even if it’s apparently in good faith.

      In call centres, there’s a story they tell about a ‘major telecom provider’ warning against receiving gifts or giving out any personal details at all – including where you work.

      Apparently, one customer got seriously pissed off by a customer service rep. Back in those days, they didn’t have quite so many qualms about saying where they worked. So, the guy sent flowers to her.
      The rep received them and the note saying who they were from, but she had no time for it and thought it was weird, so she gave them to another co-worker.

      That co-worker carried the very distinctive flowers outside and was promptly gunned down.

      I can’t speak to the veracity of the story, but it’s certainly a chilling idea that made us look at gifts suspiciously from then on.

      • 1. It’s a group of people, on the internet, disappointed with the games’s ending, a group of people disappointed over a VIDEO GAME. I’m sure they’re planning on killing Bioware using cupcakes.

        2. The article actually states that the cupcakes were commissioned and not home-made.

        3. This conspiracy theory makes less sense than the ones about the game’s ending.

        • ” It’s a group of people, on the internet, disappointed with the games’s ending, a group of people disappointed over a VIDEO GAME. I’m sure they’re planning on killing Bioware using cupcakes.”

          …As opposed to any other perfectly valid reason to KILL SOMEONE over customer service? Seriously? In the example we were given, the guy’s phone bill was a little higher than usual with calls on it he didn’t think he’d made. If someone’s capable of killing someone over a phone call, they’re capable of killing them over an unsatisfying trilogy ending.

          The take-away points are MEANT to be:

          1) Some people are fucking crazy.
          2) This is why we can’t have nice things.

          Additionally, note the part where I said, ‘unless the catering group delivers it personally’, as opposed to just receiving something unknown from fed-ex.

          This wasn’t meant to be some batshit crazy conspiracy theory about the mass effect fans’ cupcakes. It was meant to be an evocative, worst-case example that is provided to customer service reps to show them why, as a ‘faceless company person’, you shouldn’t accept gifts from customers, even if it’s just home-made jam from a sweet old lady or a bouquet of flowers.

  • No razorblades in the cupcakes? I’m disappointed.

    Bioware kill children, people. Recognize the evil

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