Gaming Provocateur Aims To Raise $US1m For Humanitarian Aid

Gaming Provocateur Aims To Raise $US1m For Humanitarian Aid
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Athene is quite a character for a player. He rose to a certain kind of internet fame thanks to World of Warcraft, declaring himself the World’s Best Paladin. After leaving WoW, he moved on to Starcraft II, and in recent months he’s taken to League of Legends.

He’s provocative and potty-mouthed (the video above contains NSFW language), but he’s also very, very popular. His YouTube channel has well over 600,000 subscribers, his videos have over 300 million cumulative views, and he’s sponsored by Razer (manufacturer of PC gaming peripherals).

Clearly, Athene thrives on attention, but he’s trying now to put all the eyes he draws worldwide onto a humanitarian crisis and charitable giving. This week through the charity crowdfunding site FundRazr, he’s launched a project called ShareCraft 2012. The goal of ShareCraft? To raise $US1 million in 100 days, all to go toward famine relief in the Horn of Africa.

ShareCraft donations will go to Save the Children, an independent organisation unaffiliated with any single governmental or religious organisation. Save the Children also has a fund-matching program currently running with DC Comics for famine alleviation donations.

Competitive gaming begets competitive fundraising, and the ShareCraft charity drive comes complete with leaderboards and sponsored prizes for participants who draw the most involvement and the highest donations.

Gamers have shown countless times that when they give back, they go big. The ShareCraft launch video has drawn in nearly two million views in just the first two days. With that kind of momentum, it seems likely that the charity drive will reach its goals. And no matter how one feels about games, gamers, or personalities like Athene, it’s nothing but great to see help going to a population so badly in need.

Let’s make shit happen for Athene [Reddit]


  • Never heard of the bloke – but kudos to anyone helping a decent independant charity working in Africa.

    PS: Pretty disappointing that the Reddit thread is titled “Let’s make shit happen for Athene”
    when really it should be “Let’s help Athene make shit happen for starving people in Africa”.

  • This guy rose to youtube fame by using provocative pics/videos of his girlfriend to pull in views. He is one of the original ”RE” leechers, a con artist and true low life.
    No way will i ever support somebody like him.

  • A con artist? That would imply that he stealing people’s money. And if he was stealing money you’d think that he’d own more than one pair of tracksuit pants.

  • Meh, hate or like the guy. If he is doing trying to do something charitable then that is unquestionably a good thing despite whatever motivations he has.

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