Gearbox Promises Not To Screw Up The PC Version Of Borderlands 2

In an adorable letter posted on the Borderlands 2 website today, developer Gearbox Software addresses some of the issues that fans complained about in the PC version of the action-role-playing game's predecessor, Borderlands.

Like an abusive boyfriend, Gearbox then promises that it won't happen again.

Here's what will be included in the PC version of Borderlands 2:

  • A FOV slider
  • An interface tailored specifically for the PC
  • Cloud save support
  • Remappable keybindings for your keyboard and mouse
  • Lots of other stuff that I don't feel like copying so just read the letter.

Hello My Future Borderlands 2 PC Player [Borderlands 2]


    *joy* A FOV slider! Oh thank god! Borderlands 1 had the most awfull FOV, and it could only be altered by the .ini file.

    Very good news!

      Yup. I didn't need to read the rest of the list, this was enough for me.

    LAME! Would rather they divert the resources they spent creating this into creating a better game...
    or nourishment for their starved coders.

      Oh yeah, like the guy that can do the FOV slider in a day and the UI guy to do it in a day, that resource could be diverted to... what? Level design? The coders doing proper button remapping, i'm sure they can be shifted to game design.
      "Resources" as in people, aren't interchangeable. You can't just say "oh why waste your time making sure the PC version doesn't suck with these specific and much requested features... and just make a better gaem!" because saying that would be stupid. I'm pretty sure they have a better understanding of their production schedule than you or I do

      I hope you're kidding...

    Gearbox are full of shit. They promised mod tools for DNF, almost a year later and no mod tools. Everytime they release a game they say they'll do all this stuff for their titles and it's always half assed.

      3DR promised mod tools, Gearbox have never confirmed or denied they would release them.

      Doesn't make it any less of a kick in the balls.

      But DNF sucks epic balls through a hose.

        That'd be because of Gearbox Software and Triptych Games. They wrote their own narrative that turned Duke into a giant douche, cut half the levels and chanced Dukes appearance into Jersey Shore crap. George Broussard has always said Duke was supposed to be a serious character.

          Can't tell if trolling or just stupid...

            Read into it, fuckbrain. Once Gearbox Software got their hands on the game they attempted to 'modernise' Duke which, in turn, basically involved them changing Duke's appearance to look like a douchebag, removing half the levels of the game (they resold them as DLC), wrote their own narrative (George Broussard originally wanted Duke to be serious in DNF, Gearbox thinks Duke is meant to be HILARIOUS!)

    Wow, are you serious?? It's blatantly obvious you're a filth console gamer and wouldn't understand HOW IMPORTANT it is to be able to remap keys. When you're ready to join the big boys at the grown ups table and play on hardware that isn't half a decade old you can comment on what they should divert resources too.

      That was @link

        No, no, that was unnecessary

          Hmm. what if you are a big boy who can strip and build a PC, code in several languages and doesn't want to do this every time you play a game?

            Can't understand this elitist attitude. I bought Borderlands on PC - it sucked for the very reasons mentioned. Played the 360 version - amazing. Yet this condescending attitude seems to be more prevalent than ever.

    Cheers, Gearbox. Much appreciated

    things like this (the method they've used to convey the "news") is why gearbox is awesome.

    Awesome. Talking about PC options, can I turn off the Kotaku AU's horrible navigation toolbar following me around like a bad smell? He over there... and I can't get away. -->

    How about a 'X' button in the corner so I can switch it off?

      Thing's blocked by my ad-blocking extension, I couldn't be happier.

    Gearbox handles criticism really well. Their initial Borderlands 2 presentation seemed entirely focused on addressing the flaws with the first Borderlands (loved that crack they made about the colour brown) and this is a further example of properly addressing complaints.

    See how they admit that they made a mistake? That's the best possible start to making the fans feel like they're being listened to and catered to. A lot of developers and publishers could learn a thing or two from this.

    I'm looking forward to Borderlands 2. Everything so far suggets that it will be a straight improvement over the first one.

    Three things.
    First, Hell yes. All of this is awesome. Respect the PC platform! (If they actually follow through with these promises).
    Secondly, hopefully I can convince people to come back and try Borderlands 2. After the BS that was the first, It's going to be a challenge.
    Thirdly. How sad is it that this stuff that was generally always included in games, is now something that they need to talk about and a form of advertising for developers?

    I hope everyone who is even slightly interested in this title will pick it up... theres one way to show other game devs what we like to see, its with our wallets.

    They made many promises for the first installment that didn't pan out the way customers had hoped. Don't take their word for it, see the product first.

    There is something BL1 did right. DLC! No day one crap. Each piece was reasonably priced, and best of all had quite a bit of substance to it.

    Oh this makes me love gearbox so much more. If I wasn't already set on buying BL2, this witty piece of PR sure wins me over.

    Please give us precise details on how exactly they changed Duke's appearance to look like a douchebag. Also, who cares if the original DNF script tried to make him serious? He was a joke character from his inception. If anything, Gearbox perfectly capture the nature of the character and the games, the only thing they updated was the crude level to tie it in with what is acceptable nowadays in terms of crude humour.

      Meant as a reply to "Robert Collumus"

    YES. Thank you, Gearbox. I forgive you... it was my fault anyways... lets make-up and be happy again...

    ... and if it's not too much trouble, please don't make the system requirements too crazy. I can't afford to upgrade... you understand don't you?

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