Genius Turns Job Application Into Lucasarts Adventure Game

German Marius Fietzek wants a job at Tim Schafer's Double Fine, who are getting to work on a brand new graphic adventure game. To apply, he didn't just send in a letter. He made a video game.

Fietzek's effort, done almost perfectly in the style of an old Lucasarts adventure game (ie where Schafer and co-worker Ron Gilbert got famous), will hopefully go down a treat with his prospective employers.

You'd think it would with Schafer, who did almost exactly the same thing when applying for a job in 1989 with what was then Lucasfilm.

You can play Marius' game below.

The Applicant [Marius]


    This is pretty sweet, it looks like he's got a lot to learn but there are some nice quirks in here that definitely remind me of Monkey Island/classic adventure games.

    lol add this in to the mechanics of Jones in the Fast Lane and you've got me sold! I'd play that for sure!

    That was really cool, and he's very talented (if he drew the sprites). Surprised he's only applying as an intern, but it wasn't quite clear what field he wanted to work in...

    Nice! I had a few chuckles, the animation was handled well & it definitely felt like the old classic games. Hire him Double Fine!

    This is a bowl of WIN!

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