George Washington & Ben Franklin, As Seen By Video Games In 1993

Two of America's founding fathers, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, will be starring in the upcoming Assassin's Creed III. It's not, you know, their first time in a video game.

They've been in plenty, some serious, some less so, but my favourite in both cases is 1993 adventure game classic Day of the Tentacle, in which two of the most defining moments involve Washington's wooden teeth and Franklin's penchant for flying kites in a storm.

Sorry about the obnoxious voice-overs, but there's no such thing as a silent adventure game playthrough on YouTube, it seems.


    I loved Day of the Tentacle!
    I would pay for these if they were re-released on a mobile gaming platform like IOS.

    In fact, why arent adventure games like these made anymore? They were great fun. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, Full Throttle, Monkey Island. *sigh* nostalgia.

      I'm another big fan of Day of the Tentacle.

      As for adventure games being made, well, Tim Schafer will soon make another. Maybe you've heard about that kickstarter funded project? It's been flying under the radar for the last few weeks, but you may have caught wind of it. Last day to contribute!

      Adventure games are still pretty popular in Europe and come out fairly regularly. Have a search through Steam, maybe check out the games by Pendulo ("The Next Big Thing", "Runaway").

      There are also indie adventures, such as the Australian made "Jolly Rover" or the games by Wadjet Eye.

      Then there are the games by TellTale. The first couple of seasons of "Sam & Max" are pretty good, and so is "Tales of Monkey Island". I was a little disappointed by the quality of their games, but they've garnered a lot of praise. They're certainly not all bad.

      Nothing has really captured the magic of the early Lucas games for me, but adventure games never really stopped being made.

    How I judge my smartphone - will it play Day of the Tentacle?

    So far I'm batting 2 for 2 (Winmo 6.1 and Android) - take that, Rovio!

    Hey guys, do you remember this game?

    In this game, you played as turtles named 'Raphael' and 'Michaelangelo.' These names are from renaissance painters!

    Assassin's Creed is kind of renaissance-y don't you think?

    Anyway i'm out, I have to find more increasingly vague links to video games on reddit.


    -Luke Plunkett

      I don't think they accept job applications via users comments.

      This article reminded me of Day of the Tentacle, and I enjoyed it. I didn't really need much more than that.

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