Get 20% off all JB Hi-Fi Games Until Sunday

It may not be as big as Harvey Norman's 50% sale, but it comes close. Until this Sunday, JB Hi-Fi is reducing the price of all its games by 20%.

The sale excludes consoles, gaming accessories, online gaming cards and pre-orders, but you can still pick up some sweet deals. Among the bargains include Street Fighter X Tekken ($55.20), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ($69), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($29), Skate 3 ($29), and The Darkness 2 ($59).

The sale ends this Sunday.

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    Maybe Harvey Norman started something GOOD for once.....?

    Please be aware guys that JB will not be price matching Harvey Norman on their sale, as they are online purchases only.

      Did you try (if so which store) Nick or do you work for JB?

      I was hoping for a match with Uncharted, jb sells the special edition : (

      The harvey norman sale isn't online only, you can get the same deals in store. Heck you can even check your local store's stock online, pay and pickup if you are unable to get there instantly and worried about them selling out.

        Stock can ONLY be purchased online, with the option to collect in-store. All JBs are not matching the deal.

        Sorry to say it, Scott, but ShepJax is correct. You can pick up the games in store, so long as you pay for them online.

          Really? Because I walked into my local Harvey and purchased Mass Effect 3 for PC as a walk in customer for $36.

        I work at JB, so I can say with without any doubt

    Sweet! I was heading to jb after work to pick up Blazblue for my Vita anyway, will probably get a few games now. Thanks for this:)

      No! Get it on 360 then send a friend request to play.

        I dont own a 360 unfortunately:(

          Then buy one!

            Nah ive got a ps3, which is more than enough for me

      @Scott The Harvery Norman offer is online ONLY, with the option to collect in store.
      @TheGuru I am in 'the know' so I know for sure.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe time to get Deus Ex.

    But I have been so productive lately...what to do =/

    What's with all the advertisements for Australian retailers at the moment?

      They're hardly advertisements, all they're saying is "take advantage of these really cheap games"

        Which happen on a regular basis without any representation on Kotaku, but in the last 3 days there's been an article for an alright sale a from Gametraders, and pretty good sale on from Harvey Norman, and a pretty average typical sale from JB here. I'm not really trying to have a go, just curious, saw a pattern, commented, that's all.

          Actually, they often do have representation from Kotaku?

            Mmk, I must miss them then, have only seen 2 or 3 over the last year, and they weren't for run of the mill 20% sales. Hell I can't think of the last time I went into JB and there wasn't 20% of games :P

              Cheap Skate Gamer articles done by Mark are up regularly, so it's basically been there for a while in one form or another, these ones in the last few days have only really been store-specific though, which is the main difference really.

              JBs haven't done a 20% off games for ages. probably a year. also JBs havent priced anything up from there last 2 catalogues so an extra 20% means plenty of good deals to be had! Full disclosure i work for the company.

      Because there are more sales than normal at the moment. I appreciate it.

      I really appreciate these articles. Money is tight these days & every dollar counts! Cant thank the kotaku guys enough!

        You should try online, you're quite right, every dollar counts, and you can save many from places like ozgameshop.

    How's Darkness 2 for $59 a bargain? Ozgame had that price for preorder (and has since dropped in price)

      they've muddled the pricing. street fighter x tekken is $55.20 after discount where as all other games and prices listed in this article are before discount. so mw3 will also be $55.20 deus ex and skate 3 are $23.20 each and 2 for $40 ($32 after discount) and darkness 2 will be um.... $47.20? off the top of my head. i work for the company and it is 20% off all SOFTWARE! no exclusions. keyword software. Consoles, console bundles, accessories, online game cards (including xbl and psn) and preorders are excluded.

      Keep in mind earlier posters Harvey norman is 50% off their normal ticket prices which are usually much higher, not saying they aren't beating us on many lines but it's not a straight comparison.

    The Harvey Norman site kept crashing for me when I tried to pay for the items in my cart last night so I went out to my local brick & mortar store this morning to buy them there instead. The staff looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about the sale. I had to show them their sale on their website on their computer too because the salesperson who tried to use it looked like an agitated virgin trying to unhook his first bra.

    "Nah, it's online only mate...." was the answer from the technologically challenged ape-man. When I showed them that it allowed pick-up from in-store and they had stock of the games I had I was told to bugger off because it was 'below cost' and they would lose money. Like I give two tin shits about your coffers - don't advertise a sale then act all cute when people actually want to buy something.

    I'll take JB HiFi's 20% off games over Gerry Harvey's 50% off of complete bullshit.

      T&Cs state that the online operation is a separate entity to the franchise stores. So I wouldn't expect too much from an online clearance sale that individual stores have little to do with.

    I just picked up three games I ordered online from one of the Harvey's store's today as well. I ordered it yesterday on my phone while I was actually in store, hoping the confirmation would come through while I was in the store so I would be able to pick it up straight away. When nothing happened, I got talking to one of the staff there who said the online sale had a maximum of two games per person, which is why my order wasn't coming through.

    Ended up ringing my bank and they said the money had already been taken out of my account, and called Harvey's call centre which said the two per person limit was for two of the same game, and not three different games which is what my order had. The call centre also said their online system was playing up, which is why the order confirmation hadn't come through yet. Called up the store I had just been to, told them what their call centre had said, and they said they couldn't do anything until the confirmation e-mail came through. Ended up getting a call from them this morning saying that my confirmation had finally come through and the games were ready to pick up, even though they had had them in stock when I had been there the day before.

    TL;DR Hervey's staff don't know anything about what goes on on their website. Better off ringing their call centre, the people there are much nicer and actually know a thing or two.

    The JB Hifi stores i have visited in the past (Chadstone, Nunawading, Eastland, Knox) have been hit and miss with video game purchases. I rarely get sealed stock and this influenced my decision to shop at my local GAME and Harvey Norman over the years (sealed stock FTW, and when they lowered the price of the games to compete with JB and other stores in the local area).

    There have been a few times where JB counter staff would still bend down and look for the game disc + instructions in another spot (usually on the lower shelf).... as opposed to just grabbing 1 of the many SEALED copies of a game, that was at their eye level.

    These days i import games so i can 1) still get a cheap price and 2) gurrantee myself a sealed copy of a game.

      I think that's fair enough that you'd prefer a sealed copy, but you have to understand that once we sell out of the sealed ones, we are left with the opened ones. It's still a barnd new game. if a counter staff member chooses not to give you a sealed one when they clearly have the stock, simply ask for a sealed one. It isn't your fault, but sometimes counter staff make errors - that's with any workplace though

        I don't want to get into this discussion as it has been done to death on many forums (usually reserved for EB), but i consider it to be NEW when it has been unopened and no scratches or finger prints on the game disc. Getting a "gutted" game, regardless of the fact that it is due to the store's security measure is not my objective.

          Then don't buy it or complain about not being able to get a game if all that's left is a gutted one.

    doesnt look like harvey norman has dark souls or demon souls available, anyone know where i can get these 2 for the cheapest price

      sorry meant to say that JB HI FI does have them but they are a bit pricey, i checked the harvey norman site and they werent listed

    NBA Jam for $23..

    I like how most of the sales prices are around the US prices.

    Like "Oooh! We get them on special same prices as the yanks pay normally! We're so special!"

    Is Deus Ex supposed to be part of their '2 for $40' deal, cause the Lonsdale St store in Melbourne has a few with the 2 for 40 stickers, meaning I landed Deus Ex + Ace Combat AH for $32

      yes both these titles are meant to be 2 for $40. 4 key namco bandia titles went 2 for $40 recently, ace combat AH, deus ex, operation flashpoint RR and dungeon siege 3. also most if not all JBs got restocks of NBA Jam and it's been added to the 2 for $40.

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