Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Online Co-op Requires Synchronicity, Stealth, And Shooting People In The Head

Ubisoft IP director Adrian Lacy makes the coordination, concentration, and carnage of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's 'Valiant Hammer' online cooperative campaign mission seem so natural in his narration of this walkthrough video that you almost forget it's a group of people that know the game inside-and-out are playing.

I'm hip to picking up Future Soldier when it hits this May, but I hold no misconception that my online play will look anything like this.

It'll probably go a little more like this.


    By god this better have offline co-op!

      I'm hoping for that as well. My brother, myself and our dad used to co-op many hours away on the old Ghost Recon and its expansions.

      Gah, now I'm all nostalgia'd... I'll have to see if they're up for a game next time we're all together.

    The future, crouching behind everything, straight backs are a thing of the past!

    hmm synchronising headshots... didn't work well in Battlefield's COOP.

    I sure hope they're still keeping to thier beta invite for owners of Conviction...

    So is there a beta? I have a copy of Splinter Cell ready and waiting...

    Did not know anything about this game before this video, but now, CAN I HAS PLEASE?

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