Giant Painting Is A Capcom Fan's Delight

Artist Larry D Warren Jr., who we recently featured with his giant Zelda painting, is back, this time with a giant Capcom painting including characters from most of the publisher's most treasured properties.

So, yeah, Ryu is there. And Mega Man. And Ryu, Phoenix Wright and Dante. But there are plenty of other lesser-known heroes getting their time in the sun too, which is always nice. You'd think even Capcom themselves had almost forgotten about Strider at this point.

L-DAWB [DeviantArt, via XombieDIRGE]


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      simple solution dont read his articles, no one is forcing u 2

      seriously dude, get a hobby.

    God damn that is awesome. There's even Power Stone characters in there! Fucken win.

    JUST SACK THIS DOUCHE ALREADY. We have Google for this shit when we need it, go back to the hole you were born in Luke.. Congrats on making trawling the internet into journalism.



    Hey everyone.

    This links to an article on that directly references Luke Plunkett as a source for its information, how about we all go on to their comments section and vent about how much we all think Plunkett sucks. . .

    Man... So many people complaining that its not "Gaming News".

    I'm a gamer, and this interests me. I dont have time to troll through the internet to find awesome shit like this, so I actually appreciate these guys for doing the trolling for me and posting the awesomeness that would otherwise go un-noticed or unrecognized (or at least to a lesser degree).

    tl;dr? STFU haters. This shit is cool. (and gaming related)

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