Good God, Mortal Kombat On Game Gear Had Some Terrible Audio

Good God, Mortal Kombat On Game Gear Had Some Terrible Audio

I have some fond memories of my Game Gear. I loved that giant hunk of sexy black plastic so much that I forgave its terrible battery life and the other aspects that led to its financial failure.

The game I played most was Mortal Kombat, which I was so excited to finally own in some capacity (I didn’t have either a Super Nintendo or a Genesis, so I’d never had Mortal Kombat at home.)

My memory of the game has always been fairly rose-tinted. So when I fired up the video above, I was unprepared for just how truly rough it actually was. Particularly, the audio. Good god, the thing sounds like a joke version of “bad video game music”. The punches sound on par with those one-off portable LCD games you could buy at the toy store in the airport for $US5.99.

It’s so piddly and terrible. I almost feel as though I am obligated to pick up Mortal Kombat for the Vita in May, just so I can finally play a version of the game commensurate with the version that exists in my memory.


  • Warning: takes approximately 2:00 until gameplay begins. Got enough opening credits there?
    Anyhow, this looks and sounds basically identical to the Game Boy port (which for some reason I actually bought), plus color of course.

      • I found it was much better then the first, the Gameboy version of MK1 was horrible, should have never released on the handheld. Credit to Game Gear with its better graphics, but even still its a pile of shit.

  • Poor Kano didn’t get any love in this version. They left a charcter out of the Gameboy version too but can’t remember if it was Kano.

    But both portable ports were pretty horrid. The physics and hit detection are equally as bad as the audio.

  • Good God!!! I had an article deadline and Reddit offered nothing for me to copy. Lemme write some words about a random thought I had whilst taking a dump.

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