Grand Theft Troll Turns Online Asshole Into Liberty City Murderer

I don't know what's creepier, the face leering at everyone with the knife, or the wonky stick-figure body casually strolling around the streets.

[Thanks Jonathan!]


    *obligitory Luke Plunkett sucks post*

    So how long until these Reddit meme faces die?

      They're not from Reddit

    i hate you luke

      Then why did you open the article to begin with?

      i love you luke

      Sorry Luke, my hate is all a ruse! I actually love you, and want to have your babies!

    Luke sucks posts aren't funny. Go get something better to do. Why am I arguing with the internet though? The troll face kinda creeps me out btw

    With respect, I don't find anything Luke posts interesting on any level. I don't want to complain or moan so is there a way to just block his posts?

      I don't believe there is that function yet, but now the name of the person who wrote the article is bigger than ever before. So why don't you just not click on any article that states it's written by Luke Plunkett instead of opening the article, state that you don't want to complain or moan, then proceed to complain and moan.

        Where the hell is the fun in that???

        ... oh and don't dis the lolcats again or your toast.

          never dissed lolcats, just made the observation that they have been around longer than the reaction face meme and both seem to be showing no sign of slowing down. . .

          that being said lolcats are OLD!!!!1!

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