Great Moments In Video Game Humour: Fallout Talks To You Like You’re Stupid

Since the early days of the RPG, role-playing video games have allowed players to sacrifice intelligence points to further some more important statistic. Fallout is one of the only ones that treats you like the moron you’ve made.

The Fallout series is a wealth of side-splitting humour, or at least it was until recently. What’s amazing is there are little treats like this exchange between a particularly dim-witted Vault Dweller and Vault 13’s Overseer that are completely hidden from players until they decide to screw around with their stats.

I used to an incredibly stupid character in my old Dungeons & Dragons campaign: a Barbarian named Thog. Sometimes he referred to himself as Thog the Thog, because he couldn’t come up with an appropriate adjective. In retrospect he probably didn’t know any.

My interactions with my Dungeon Master (the father of the girl I was dating at the time) played out pretty much like this. To see this level of flexibility in a video game, especially one released nearly 15 years ago — it’s inspirational.

Or it should have been.

Fallout 1 low intelligence character returns water chip. [YouTube via Reddit]


  • Yeah, Arcanum had some decent quips too for retarded characters. I remember at the start where the first character you meet thinks you’re the reincarnated saviour basically says, ‘I know you’re supposed to be great and wise.. but you can’t be seriously this stupid!!?’

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