Halo Fan Films Never Look This Good

Though the acting can seem a little hammy in this fanmade Halo film, which creator Xerxes Sangco sent us yesterday, the graphical effects are seriously impressive. And the art direction is phenomenal.

Even more impressive: the fact that Sangco and crew made this whole thing without spending more than $US200. Hope you're paying attention, Hollywood.

HALO: The Fallen (Prologue) // FAN FILM [YouTube]


    The old guy does a great job. The score's great too.

    But you have wonder how a squad of well disciplined marines would let a bunch of covvies get the drop on them. The area looked pretty flat.
    Looks like they try to handwave it a bit in that deleted scene.

    Is Halo the new grimdark?

    I mean, Warhammer 40k?

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