Hand Painted Sonic Shoes Have Impressive Details On Them

Reddit user lumpyheadedbunny drew these awesome Sonic 2-inspired kicks with graffiti pens. My first thought was that it must have taken her a while, because you can see how much detail went into the drawing.

They're expensive ($US350+), but LHB puts a lot of time and effort into her creations. Each pair takes roughly 45-65 hours to make. She provides all the materials (which, if you peruse Etsy as much as I do you'll know that many creators ask you to provide the shoes yourself).

But the best part of this deal? She guarantees lifetime touch-ups for free. That's a pretty great seller-customer relationship if you ask me.

Although she currently does not have a website up to take requests, you can find more pictures here.

I paint custom gaming shoes; how do you like my latest pair? [Reddit]


    I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!!

    i hate you tina

      Wow you really are becoming quite the douche.

      seriously, do you really have nothing better to do than post "i hate you (blank)" every single time someone on the site shares pictures?

    do your feet blur when you run really fast in these?

    Thanks everyone! Here is my website www.lumpyheadedbunny.com , I'll keep you posted on my newest projects, I think you're going to like them :)

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