Haunting Skyrim Songstress Returns With New Number

In December, Malukah performed a Skyrim song on YouTube that sent shivers across the internet. It was that good. She now returns to sing another, and this time has brought a friend, fellow internet musician Miracle of Sound.

Unlike the first one, which haunted your bones while you slept, this one is corny as hell. It's still an original song found in the game, though (just like the first one was), and is still being sung with aplomb, so it's still definitely worth a watch!


    She has an awesome voice but the 2 songs I have heard her sing have sounded to sanitized, or pure if you will. Just way to sweet sounding for my liking.

    i hate you luke

      everyone hates luke

    I hate to interrupt your libelous ways for a few minutes, Plunkett, but you made a contradiction:

    "It’s still an original song found in the game"

    Yes, it's an original song. No, it's not in the game. If it were in the game, this video would be known as a "cover". Maybe you should check the YouTube video again to find the link for the song to purchase.

      Wait.... Luke didn't proofread?
      Are you sure? This is the same Luke we're talking about right?
      You mean..... he CAN be more retarded than he is now?

    Seriously why is there so much hate for Mr. Plunkett?
    I come to Kotaku maybe once every 2 days to see if anything interesting is happening in the gaming world that i might have missed though my usual trawling for information .

    Every so often i will also click an article that is not directly game related, such as the cos-play ones or, well, this kinda thing i guess.

    Who ever has so much hate in their veins that they need to constantly attack someone in an online forum reeeeeally needs to take a look at themselves.

    Whoever you are guys and gals, keep in mind anger leads to heart attacks, more anger and the side of the Force that means you get all purple veined and gross - be happy weberpeoplenets <3

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